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Spoiler Chat: Who's Getting a New Love Interest on True Blood?

True Blood, our favorite, deliciously icky HBO series, is well underway on production of season four, and we've got spankin' new scoop on what's to come this summer for the characters you love most, including a new romance, a new lease on life and some extraspecial hijinks for a fan-fave couple. Plus, what's to come on Glee, Justified, Nikita, Criminal Minds and more in today's brand-new edition of the spoiler chat:
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True Blood, our favorite, deliciously icky HBO series, is well underway on production of season four, and we've got spankin' new scoop on what's to come this summer for the characters you love most, including a new romance, a new lease on life and some extraspecial hijinks for a fan-fave couple. Plus, what's to come on Glee, Justified, Nikita, Criminal Minds and more in today's brand-new edition of the spoiler chat:

Dan in Pompton Plains, N.J.: What are your thoughts on Fringe? Canceled or renewed? It would be a crime if it gets axed. Almost as bad as John Noble not getting an Emmy nod for his role as Walter/Walternate.

Inquired about Fringe's future for you, and insiders are pretty optimistic that Fringe will get another season. The show is said to be a personal fave of Fox boss Kevin Reilly, the DVR numbers are great, and oh yeah, in comparison to shows Lie To Me and Human Target, the series is a veritable critical darling. There are no guarantees in life or in television programming, but we feel pretty confident that season four of Fringe will happen. Yay!

Sandie in Harrisburg, N.C.: How can I get in touch with Chuck Lorre to give him my opinion on Two and a Half Men? I would like to ask him to just get rid of Charlie in the show and go on with Allen in the house and all the other recurring characters, like Herb, Judith, Jake, Eveline, Berta, Rose, Gorden, Mad Dog, etc. Charlie's character and his whoremongering has run its course. The show would be funnier without him. The excellence of the writers is what makes that show what it is, not Charlie!Chuck Lorre and the rest of the Two and a Half Men cast, crew and writers would probably love to hug to you right now. What do you think, TV fans? Do you think they should try to do the show without a Charlie Harper character? Or with John Stamos?

Gia in Denver, Colo.: Is American Idol putting The Vampire Diaries in jeopardy? Obviously American Idol gets more viewers, but do we have anything to worry about? TVD is the best-rated show on CW.TVD fans, don't worry about the impact of Idol for one second. Your show is rock-solid in every way and clearly much beloved by the Powers That Be at the CW.

Anne in Omaha, Neb.: I think you all need to come up with a moniker for Callie, Arizona and Mark, because saying all those names is just so tiring. Ugh. I'm thinking Malzona, since Callie and Arizona are already Calzona.Dear readers and fellow fans of Grey's Anatomy, we need your help. Malliezona? Carizark? Suggestions are welcome and appreciated in the comments!

GOOD NEWS: Sheen nemesis/rational adult Chuck Lorre arranged for the Two and a Half Men crew to be paid for the remaining eps of the season

@emilyanne18 (via Twitter): Do you know any new spoilers related to season four of True Blood?We talked to Sam Trammell this weekend at an event for the True Blood: All Right Now graphic novel, and he told us about Sam's future, "What's great about this year is that we explore the shape-shifter community a little bit more, so there's going to be a lot of cool mythological stuff that we talk about, shape-shifter rules and what shape-shifters can do and who they are. Sam's [also] got a new love interest that's going to happen this year for him. I don't have really good luck with the ladies, they usually die--so hopefully she'll survive." Everybody wish Sam's new girlfriend luck on that whole "surviving Bon Temps" thing!

@nathalia004 (via Twitter): Do you have any True Blood scoop?True Blood star Rutina Wesley shares, "You're going to find out where Tara goes, and there's going to be some happiness for her. It won't last for long, this is True Blood. It's a new Tara, and I think the fans are going to like it. She's not duct-taped, she's not tied up, she's got this personal strength and I think it's really awesome to see her. Sookie (Anna Paquin) and I will have some stuff this season--she's my best friend, so we're always going to have little moments. And we're going to get back to how I felt about Sam Merlotte, finding out that he was a shape shifter, so we are going to have a little moment about that. And I think Lafayette's (Nelsan Ellis) the only one that knows where I am, and he gives me some great advice." Hmm...

@JulischkaHH (via Twitter): True Blood!How about some Jessica-Hoyt scoop? We chatted with Deborah Ann Woll this weekend, and she told us, "[Jessica and Hoyt] ended in a very positive place but obviously that won't last for long. We definitely pick up with a bit more trouble happening. Bon Temps is a scary place! The first two episodes are very interesting--Jim [Parrack] and I had some really fun stuff to play with like right off the bat. But maybe the first episode is my favorite as of now, just because it is the most varied." Deborah also told us that Jessica and Bill (Stephen Moyer) grow closer this season, saying, "I think we're definitely also in a healing stage where he's finally accepting that he has a progeny, that he has a daughter vampire, and he needs to give me tools to actually survive. So he's definitely more cooperative and participatory in my growing up."

Karen: I keep hearing that there's a Glee episode coming up where the bully Karofsky sings "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Is that this week's episode? I really want to see that number!Unfortunately, no. Karofsky, played by Max Adler, will not be appearing in this week's episode. But we get Burt Hummel again! Does that make up for it?

leslielovegood (via Twitter): Any good news for Klaine?At Regionals, look for an adorable, precious, absolutely heartwarming moment between Kurt and Blaine that takes place during a number. It will be a Glee scene Klaine fans won't soon forget.

JolooZoombo (via Twitter): Jonathan Groff was spotted at an Oscar party with Lea Michele and the Glee kids. Is Jesse St. James coming back to Glee!?!?Sadly, Groff's presence does not mean he's shooting a Glee ep right now. He's still supposed to appear sometime on the show again sometime this season, but the insiders tell us that party time last night was just because he and Lea Michele are old friends from their Spring Awakening days.

@xoxJessie19xox (via Twitter): Glee!Glee is casting for a "nerdy African American kid" to guest as a featured extra. Paging Jaleel White--or maybe they should just hire Magnitude from Community?

TamIWas (via Twitter): What can we expect after tonight's episode when Gossip Girl returns in six loooong weeks?Kelly Rutherford would probably tell us all about it...but even she's in the dark! "They've been coding our scripts now to the point where it's ridiculous," she tells us. "Billy Baldwin is back, which is wonderful and other than that I'm not allowed to say anything! You'll just have to watch, it will be fun." And watch we will...after six weeks of reruns. Bummer.

Jessica: I love Justified. Boyd scoop please!It's no secret that we love us some Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins), even when he's straddling the line of bad, he's oh so good. In an upcoming episode Boyd's going to be taking a big step over that good-bad line and we are dying to know how it's going to affect Ava's (Joelle Carter) one rule for living in her house: no criminal activity.

PardonMyTweets (via Twitter): Justified!Natalie Zea tells us that Winona will make a "really questionable decision" coming up. "It's not because of Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), but Raylan becomes incredible affected by it in an adverse way." And how does that turn out? "They kind of get away with it, so maybe it's all good," she says

itsalittlebit (via Twitter) News on The Mentalist please? Does what Jane did last episode with Hightower have repercussions further down the line?Surely. After LaRoche (Pruitt Taylor Vince) is put in charge of CBI, his first act of business isn't patting Jane (Simon Baker) on the back and giving him a high-five. He'll be naming Cho (Tim Kang) the new leader of the team. Understandably, that causes some fireworks.

shawn0007 (via Twitter) NCIS: LA!The boys are going to Yemen. We hear it's beautiful this time of year. Sam (LL Cool J) reverts back to an old alias to rescue a royal hostage, and Nate the psychologist returns.

kriziag (via Twitter) Any info on Paget Brewster's character, Emily Prentiss, regarding her last two episodes of Criminal Minds?After a bunch of suspicious murders puts her on high alert for her safety and the safety of her team, Emily will be confronting her old nemesis, Ian Doyle. And it will be anything but a simple showdown. Get ready for some action! And BTW, we'll be on the set of Criminal Minds tomorrow, so head on down to the comments and leave us your burning questions for the Matthew Gray Gubler and Rachel Nichols!

Trey: Any progress on Hank mending his relationship with Karen on Californication!Hank, Karen and Becca are one big happy family again! OK, maybe not but there's nothing like teaching your daughter how to drive for some good old-fashioned family bonding. What's not good? Teaching a teenager, with borderline delinquent friends, to drive.

@KYLIE66 (via Twitter): Any Hawaii Five-0 news? I love that show.Sean Combs' new Hawaii Five-0 character Reggie Williams is a cop, but that doesn't mean he's on the same side of the law as our Five-0 group. Expect Williams to get entangled with major crimes and undermine a significant investigation. That doesn't mean that he's a bad guy, just that he's at cross-purposes with McGarrett and company.

Lindsey in Santa Monica, Calif.: Got any scoop on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Please tell me Vicki changed her mind and is coming back to the show. Yes! "Working" girl Vicki can't stay away from the dramz of the o.g. Housewives series, which returns Sun., March 6. The sixth season chronicles both Vicki's divorce from Donn (Sad! Healthy Marriage Tip No. 1: Do not renew your wedding vows on national TV) and Tamra's new swingin' single life (Healthy Marriage Tip No. 2: Do not tattoo your husband's name on your ring finger. Paging Dr. Tattoff!). The season gets off to an explosive start when a tipsy Gretchen spats with both "evil bitch" Tamra and...Alexis?! Can. Not. Wait.

@RadioPopAction (via Twitter): Is Brothers &Sisters still in danger of cancellation? When is Calista coming back? She has been missed lately!Brothers &Sisters is very much on the bubble. I'm told that show insiders are "hearing somewhat good things" about a renewal, but nothing is certain and the situation will probably keep changing until upfronts in May. As for Calista, Kitty will be back--and she'll have some health problems when she returns. Eek! In other B&S news, the truth about Sarah's paternity will be revealed (hint: William Walker would not be happy with the results), and that's not the only baby-related drama that's coming down the pike. Guesses?

@berry_hearts (via Twitter): Anything #mikita to get me through the Nikita hiatus?Insiders tell us that Mikita is happening. Get excited, people!

sheilarajaram (via Twitter): Can you please gives us some Vampire Diaries scoop?Look for Caroline to be less tortured vampire and more high school student. "I think a priority for Caroline now is just to find the human inside--a little bit more of who she was before everything happened," says Candice Accola. "And to see if those relationships [with Tyler and Matt] can uphold, how much she's changed and grown.

Gillian: Do you know anything about who is being killed off of The Vampire Diaries?I know that if a major cast member is being killed off, chances are they already know. "At this point the writers will give us a heads up if anything too dramatic goes on," Candice tells us. "If any really big changes are coming, they call us and give us a run-down."

jensenhowe (via Twitter): One Tree Hill scoop please!We'll be talking to James Lafferty this week! And don't worry, we'll be bugging him for all kinds of OTH spoilers. Now would be the time to post questions for Nathan Scott in the comments!

--Reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling &Dru Moorhouse

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