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Spoiler Chat: Who Wants Summer TV Scoop?

Got your sunscreen and your sandals packed? Good, then you're half ready to enjoy summer. The other half of the fun comes from the telly-vision, of course, and we're superexcited by this season of TV, which includes perennial faves like White Collar, Burn Notice and Royal Pains, not to mention ABC Family's juicy-looking lineup of sexy new series.
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Got your sunscreen and your sandals packed? Good, then you're half ready to enjoy summer. The other half of the fun comes from the telly-vision, of course, and we're superexcited by this season of TV, which includes perennial faves like White Collar, Burn Notice and Royal Pains, not to mention ABC Family's juicy-looking lineup of sexy new series.

Read on for scoop on USA's lineup of day-saving heroes, plus what's to come on Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Dexter, Mad Men, The Office and more!

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Melanie: I love girl power shows like Charlie's Angels. Is it going to be good? Do you know anything about it yet?Charlie's Angels star Annie Ilonzeh told us at the GBK MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge we can look forward to the girls "jumping off a boat into some freezing cold water in Miami--really doing our own stunts which is awesome in itself--dodging bullets or bad guys, being able to shoot real guns, and big explosions! But the three of us diving into freezing cold water from a big boat that's blowing, and not knowing what's underneath us, while a guy shoots a machine gun from a helicopter above--that was probably the most memorable scene from the pilot." Wowza!

nathalia004: Anything on True Blood?We're talking to the amazing Jessica Tuck (anybody else remember her as Megan on One Life To Live?) later this week about how her character Nan Flanagan shapes the season, so if you've got True Blood questions/desires/demands, post 'em in the comments below!

Hailey in Salt Lake City, Utah: Rookie Blue is my summer obsession! Scoop?You're in luck, because we're talking to the star, Missy Peregrym, this week. Give us some questions you need us to ask, and we will forever be grateful.

chi_fu_k: WHITE COLLAR SCOOP PLEASE!We do appreciate the enthusiasm and you're in luck! In the beginning of every new relationship questions are asked, but when you're dating kissing a "reformed" criminal there might be a twist. Neal (Matt Bomer) asks Sara (Hilarie Burton) to confirm his alibi during the big Nazi plunder heist. Ahh, young love. Now in real life these should be red flags to send you running the other way, but in TV land just add it to the list of Neal Caffrey's endearing qualities.

Chifu K: White Collar scoop please?Producers are now casting for someone to play Peter's (Tim DeKay) main FBI mentor, Agent Kramer, the head of the Art Crimes Unit. Kramer's described as being simultaneously "a bad-ass and your favorite uncle," and so we think Sam Waterston should play him. Got a better idea? Hit the comments.

Nancy: Got anything on Covert Affairs?When is the worst time to try and run from assassins trying to kill you? The answer is, when you are already nursing a wound from a previous life-threatening injury. In Tuesday's season premiere, look for Annie (Piper Perabo) to grab an interesting and unexpected hospital tool to protect her and the ailing Ben (Eion Bailey) from armed attackers.

Amber: Royal Pains?When the new season premieres, we'll find that Hank is flirting with a beautiful long-distance runner, Evan and Paige are deep into a beautiful relationship with each other (awww...), and sadly, Boris Buester von Jurgens-Ratenicz is really, really, really sick.

Penelope: Love me some Burn Notice. Spill me some news!Grant Show is perfectly cast in the new season as operative with close ties to the Agency, who works closely with Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) on a case. That said, the premiere is something of a wild chase for Michael. He's got a lead on what happened to his spy career, and he runs hard after it, but...

amomich: Got any Sons of Anarchy spoilers?Season four is the touchy-feely season of Sons of Anarchy! OK, not really--it's still wall-to-wall gruesome deaths--but there will be some lady-friendly topics like breastfeeding (Tara's baby is on the boob, yay!) and organic gardening (Gemma is in cahoots with local landowners who want to keep Charming green and undeveloped).

Kendall: True Blood!Season four hasn't even begun, but we already have scoop for the finale and season five! Producers are looking for someone to play Patrick Devins, an army buddy of Terry Bellefleur's (Todd Lowe) who understands what he went through and was saved by Terry not once, but twice. He'll appear in more than half of the episodes next season, so let's start guessing his supernatural orientation right he a chupacabra, a hodag or something cooler?

dextergrblog: Do you have any news about Dexter season six?Dexter's target in episode three is probably gonna be a dude named Bill Kinney who's the local jackhole at his retirement village. The 70something blue-collar guy is "the kind of person you avoid running in to." We don't want to prejudge anybody, but if he's the villain we think he is, well...#killdexterkill

aleximogen: anything Parks and Rec?? (But mainly Ben & Leslie) Thanks!Adam Scott and Amy Poehler together on one of our favorite comedies is a dream come true for us. And Adam tells us that the cliffhanger at the end of the season finale will definitely be explored next season. "There has always been that conflict of Ben and Leslie having a relationship," he says. "But it's against the rules and they could lose their jobs because of it. So that sort of brings them to this problem." Here's hoping that problem is solved quickly because these two need to get married in TV life sooner rather than later.

Elizabeth: Will Lydia have to get another new partner on Southland?How does one get over their partner sleeping with their son? We asked Regina King if Josie (Jenny Gago) can ever get past their little spat: "I think so. I hope so. The cool thing about both of these characters is they're grown women. And maybe right now Josie's hurt, of course, but I think they'll be woman enough to have talked about it and get past it." We hope so because these tough chicks really are the perfect partners.

kakuyper: Got any good Rookie Blue scoop? Season two can't come soon enough!It is a very long wait for the June 23 premiere, isn't it? We'll be meeting a new detective, Jo Rosati (Camille Sullivan) who is smart and sympathetic, and happens to be the ex-girlfriend and partner of Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson). Astute TV viewers can guess where this is going; we predict work and relationship complications ahead. Love it!

RB_Phan: Can you tell me if the boxing sparring scene in this Rookie Blue promo is in the premiere ep?It is not in the premiere episode. Looks like you are going to have to wait a little longer for some Andy (Missy Peregrym) beating up Swarek (Ben Bass) scenes, but hopefully the moments of concern and longing looks will tide you over.

Joey in Kan.: I know this gets asked a lot, but any word on whether January Jones' pregnancy will be written into Mad Men's next season?It's fair to ask that question often, because it's a damn good one. In fact, we posed that inquiry to the woman herself, who claims she doesn't know anything "yet." But maybe soon? "The writers, I think, just went back into the room, we start shooting in July," January tells us. "My guess is as good as any. I have no idea. It'll be interesting."

Karen: Anything on Parenthood?Peter Kraus and Monica Potter were nice enough to share what creator Jason Katmis told them. And it involves a possible time jump. "When we finished last season Jason said we were either going to start right where we finished or jump ahead," Peter says. His onscreen wife adds: "I think we will be pregnant for a little bit, [but] I am not sure if we will have the baby or not. We do not know." Text us when you do, OK guys?

le_dorsa: Anything about the second season of Pretty Little Liars, please? The boys are back in town! Caleb returns to declare his love to Hanna--who responds by sending him packing, again! Nasty Noel Kahn is up to his old tricks at Rosewood--but his blackmail will be foiled if Aria continues to snub Fitz. The only guy not getting the cold shoulder is Toby, whose forbidden romance with Spencer is hot, hot, hot.

Annabelle: What happened to Ian on Pretty Little Liars? Good question. Did Alison's murderer rise from the dead (he was in a church, after all), or did his killer spirit him away? Although the Liars are convinced they saw Ian's corpse, someone is sending his wife text messages with secrets only Ian could know. Shay Mitchell promised our Marc Malkin yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards that "we'll find out what happened to Ian"--just not in the first episode.

Misty: My sister is hearing impaired and I'm concerned about how Switched at Birth will represent the deaf community. Do they take it seriously? Absolutely. Deaf community legend and Academy Award-nominated actress Marlee Matlin is involved for one thing! Plus, star Katie LeClerc has hearing loss as a consequence of Mnire's disease, and her character Daphne's hearing loss is a consequence of infant meningitis. (No doubt the mom characters of the switched-at-birth daughters will have a lot to discuss when it comes to the case and consequences of Daphne's deafness!) Last but not least, producers are continually casting for new characters who are fluent in American Sign Language and have at least some experience with the deaf community. Rest assured that the reality of modern American deafness is at the heart of Switched at Birth!

Khloe in Las Vegas, Nev.: What can you tell us about Switched at Birth?If the whole "switched at birth" concept wasn't enough drama for you to take, Lea Thompson promises us "lots of different emotions and entanglements" beyond just the whole, you know, wrong kid thing. Expect the bulk of the tension to come from Lea's character Kathryn seriously butting heads with the other mom Regina, played by Constance Marie. Oh, and High School Musical's Lucas Gabriel is there for some odd and confusing chemistry with...someone. That's all we can say right now. But we'll chat about it more after you watch the premiere tonight!

Felicia in Indianapolis, Ind.: The Nine Lives of Chloe King looks interesting. Should I check it out this summer?Pretty people, charming lead girl discovering new powers, slightly darker than the other ABC family shows. Does that formula equal entertainment for you? Then all signs point to yes! We especially adore Skyler Samuels as the cat lady, and there are some unexpected twists here and there to break the show out of the usual teenage drama mold. Like the fact that Chloe gets pushed off a tall building 30 seconds into the premiere.

Pam in Los Angeles, Calif.: How's my boy Benjamin Stone in Nine Lives of Chloe King? I love him!In a word, creepy. Homeboy's first interaction with Chloe involves smelling her. Of course, his motives are not exactly of the stalker persuasion, so you'll have to watch the June 14 premiere to get the whole story.

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins ( @jbomb11 ), Christina Dowling ( @fatherdowling ), Drusilla Moorhouse ( @drumoorhouse ) Jennifer Arrow ( @jenniferarrow ) &Marcus Mulick

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