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Spoiler Chat: Which True Blood Lead Goes Vigilante in Season Four?

Who wants True Blood spoilers?! We've got scoop about which Bon Temps character is going off the reservation in pursuit of a personal vendetta, info on which character is moving "very close" to Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and good dish on a certain character who you loathed returning to your screen in a surprising way.
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Who wants True Blood spoilers?!

We've got scoop about which Bon Temps character is going off the reservation in pursuit of a personal vendetta, info on which character is moving "very close" to Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and good dish on a certain character who you loathed returning to your screen in a surprising way.

Plus, we've got scoop on all your other summer TV faves like Pretty Little Liars and The Killing. Dive in to our weekly TV fandom fiesta:

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Philicia: I gasped at the last scene of The Killing! What can you tell us?Next week's season finale of The Killing is called "Orpheus Descending," and in case you're interested, this right here is the episode description: "The police identify the mysterious Orpheus, connecting him and the campaign car to Rosie the night of her murder. Stan and Mitch reflect on the past as the future of their family hangs in the balance." For the record, we totally said Billy Campbell did it way back at TCA in January after having seen just the trailer. Check the transcripts if you don't believe us.

ChicaNikki149: Is it too early to ask for Nikita scoop? This summer hell-atus is already killing us! Especially the Mikitaverse!Never too early for that kind of stuff! Maggie Q said a wonderful thing last week at the Monte Carlo TV Fest, and that was: "Nikita needs to get laid." And we're betting that Michael (Shane West) will be the one doing the, um, laying. Could things possibly get steamier between those two? Unfortunately, we have to wait all summer to find out. Hell-atus indeed.

Kaya_Kayita: I'll have some True Blood please.Michelle Forbes' evil maenad Maryann is coming back to Bon Temps! Sort of. A set spy tell us that there is a statue of Maryann in the back room of the Moon Goddesses magic shop that features heavily in this season's witch storyline. Interesting, yes?

Usakid6977: It's my birthday, and I want some Weeds, Psych or True Blood scoop please.Happy birthday! Well, would it be too obvious to say that a vampire has a dark secret? We don't want to give too much away too early, but True Blood season four depicts Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) doing a vigilante thing that's pretty hard-core, as vampire vigilante things so often are...

sanna_o75: Got any spoilers for True Blood that does NOT include Eric and Sookie? Maybe something about Bill and Sookie?OK, this is definitely not about Eric (Alexander Skarsgrd) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), but it's not about Bill (Stephen Moyer) either. Can we interest you in a hunky, often shirtless werewolf? Joe Manganiello tells us all about the "new wolf pack in town," and that the fur is definitely going to fly. "Wherever werewolves go, they never get along, so you're going to see a lot of fighting," he tells us. "My character has moved since last season. He was living in Jackson, but all that bad stuff went down in Jackson, so all I can say is he moves very close to Sookie now." So, he moves closer to Sookie to possibly cause friction between her and the other men in her life, i.e. Bill? See, we managed to make this question about Bill and Sookie! You're welcome.

Winnie in Cincinnati: Forget Aria and Ezra, what's the scoop on Toby and Spencer, my favorite Pretty Little Liars couple? While Fitz will be competing with Jason DiLaurentis for Aria's affections, Pretty Little Liars show runner I. Marlene King assures us: "Toby [Keegan Allen] and Spencer [Troian Bellisario] "will have some happiness for a while in Rosewood. They're going to have a little bit of a reprieve before A makes them the target." Like all of us, Marlene says, "I love my Spoby!" Yay!

Ashley in Phoenix: Is Emily really moving away on Pretty Little Liars? "Emily [Shay Mitchell] is going to find a way to stay in Rosewood," show runner I. Marlene King promised us. "Her mother is going to go be with her father [in Texas], but Emily is going to tell a lie to stay in Rosewood. A is going to find out about that lie and make Emily's life very miserable because of it. She's gonna get it. Poor Emily." Hang in there, girlfriend!

CastleSP: Do you have spoilers about Castle season four?Castle producers have already started putting the feelers out for a new season four series regular, the captain. The new boss lady is "ambitious, good-looking, career-minded" and is "more adept at politics than police work." Things might get off to a rocky start with our heroes but she will prove herself to be a very loyal ally. Who do you think would be perfect foil for Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion)?

Meg__KC: I will keep asking about Haven until you tell me something!We won't keep you waiting any longer. When Haven returns on July 15 Audrey (Emily Rose) not only has to deal with biblical plagues but also another Audrey Parker. Impersonator or a new strange town mystery, this new Audrey (Kathleen Munroe) shares some very interesting similarities with our Audrey.

Sam in St. Louis: What are your thoughts on Falling Skies? I haven't heard much about the show. Watch or not watch? Watch! It's hard to keep the faith in the genre after disappointments like V, The Event and FlashForward, but Falling Skies makes good on the TNT network's motto (We Know Drama). Plus, the alien-invasion apocalypse survival series has the backing of Steven Spielberg himself, "a big part of the reason" star Noah Wyle (E.R.) tells us he decided to return to TV. Spielberg "was instrumentally involved throughout the whole process, from shaping the original pilot script to casting," Wyle says. "He came to the set...helped craft the overreaching arc of the season [and] made editorial suggestions on all the episodes." And like all Spielberg projects, Falling Skies is family friendly--more so than its apocalyptic rival, the nightmare-inducing Walking Dead.

Heather: Covert Affairs scoop please!Playing a tourist on a trip to Paris is a tough job but Annie (Piper Perabo) has to do it. Of course, this trip is not all sightseeing and crepes: Annie is forced to team up with the competition, Mossad agent, Eyal Lavin, played by the dashing and dreamy Oded Fehr.

Ryan in Naperville, Ill.: Got anything on Breaking Bad? "We start off running from day one--it literally starts off right where we left it" (i.e., with Jesse shooting Gale), Emmy-winning star Aaron Paul told us when we visited the set in Albuquerque this spring. "I cannot wait to see or hear people's reactions for the first episode because they are going to lose it, in the best way possible." Star Bryan Cranston agrees: "The first, premiere episode is very shocking--it's like, 'Whoa! Oh my God!' And then it struggles with tension all the way through, and then the last episode is going to be another shocking episode." Prepare yourself for "a much darker roller-coaster ride" this season, warns Aaron: "It's the most intense thing we have done thus far." We can't imagine how Breaking Bad could possibly get any darker or more intense, but we're ready to "lose it" along with you when the fourth season premieres July 17 on AMC.

Tuli in Wyoming: I love Harry's Law, but will it still be worth watching without Brittany Snow? All we can tell you is that Harry's Law is now casting for two new regulars to replace Brittany Snow and fellow departing regular Aml Ameen. Successful lawyer Olivier Pritcher is "handsome, a bit wolfish and an irresistible charmer," who "seeks out Harry's help on a very high profile murder case," while "bright and attractive" Cassie Reynolds "is eager to make an impression as the new associate at Harry's law firm."

groovymango: How about some Dexter scoop?In episode four of season six, called "A Horse of a Different Color," Dex faces off a preacher, a pastor and a "bit of a religious fanatic." Mmmm...we smell a murderous cult!

Pedro: Boardwalk Empire?Seems like Nucky is going straight to the source for his illegal beverages in season two. Producers are casting for someone to play Daniel Fitzgerald, a 50-something Irish whiskey distillery owner. Can't you just taste the non-moonshiny goodness already?

RB_Phan: Rookie Blue info, please!Missy Peregrym told us to prepare for lots action, both in and out of the field. "Everything is a bit more dramatic because we're going on the front lines now instead of being taken into the situation and given orders," she says. "And relationship wise I think it's crazier, definitely." Just how crazy do things get? Well, things get messy when Luke's (Eric Johnson) ex-girlfriend comes back into town. "There's a new character, Detective Rasati. She makes Andy's life hell," Missy tells us with a laugh. "[Rasati] wants Luke. She regrets the decision that they broke up. It's really complicated this year with relationships."

NatNicole1981: Sam and Andy scoop? #RookieBlueWe asked Missy if there was any hope for Sam (Ben Bass) and Andy this season, and she was quite optimistic with her answer. "Of course there's a possibility. Yes, yes, yes," she assures us. "There's always going to be little moments because there's a chemistry there that's undeniable and we work together. Naturally we really care about one another. Because he's not my training officer, it's more available to happen this year." We hope that "more available" is police code for "we will definitely give into our crazy attraction to each other."

Farrah: The Closer?The premiere of Kyra Sedgwick's final season of The Closer (airing July 11 on TNT) begins with a bloodbath crime scene and ends with a shocking "Officer down!" distress call.

Claire in Lexington, Ky.: Anything on Nine Lives of Chloe King? I can't wait for the premiere tomorrow!The powers-that-be over at Nine Lives are looking for a recurring guest star to come on as a new boyfriend for one of the main characters. But it sounds like he's not just going to be another handsome face; he has some serious ulterior motives. And since we have PhD's in cryptic character descriptions, we bet our own kittens that it has something to do with our cat-lady, Chloe (Skyler Samuels).

jemjoven: Anything Chuck related pretty please! What's next for our favorite spy couple?Since this will be the final season for Chuck, Zachary Levi told us to prepare for some awesome send-off moments, especially between Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). "It'll be our swan song and we all kind of ride off into the sunset together," he says. "It's great; we get closure." Can that closure include little spy babies for Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski?

Lisa in West Virginia: Give me anything on 90210 to tide me over until the fall!Sounds like Matt Lanter has packed up his shower caddy and is all ready for TV college life! "We're having a blast. It's a big time in the kids' lives right now because of the transition from high school to college," he tells us. "There's real world possibilities that open up when you go to college now, so I'm really looking forward to the stories that they come up with and how they can be exciting in a real life way rather than just walking down the school hallways." You mean walking and talking in high school hallways doesn't a successful CW show make? Get out of town right now!

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins ( @jbomb11 ), Jennifer Arrow ( @jenniferarrow ), Drusilla Moorhouse ( @drumoorhouse ) and Christina Dowling ( @fatherdowling )

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