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Spoiler Chat: Grey's Anatomy, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and More!

Finally! Your favorite shows (OK, most of them anyway) are back on TV, and we have the scoop on more than a few gasp- and swoon-worthy moments headed your way.
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Finally! Your favorite shows (OK, most of them anyway) are back on TV, and we have the scoop on more than a few gasp- and swoon-worthy moments headed your way.

So who's gonna be smooching on Vampire Diaries? And what awesomeness is in store on Grey's and Glee?

Read on...

Friskygirl: Are you covering TCAs [Television Critics Winter Press Tour] this week?Yep, we're at the ABC party right this minute (spoiler alert: Bachelor Brad Womack just arrived and thus far no one has slapped him--the horror!), then we're covering Fox on Tuesday, NBC on Thursday, Showtime/CBS/CW on Friday, and FX on Saturday. Any burning questions you'd like us to tackle, hit up Team WWK on Twitter: @kristindsantos, @jenniferarrow and @jbomb11. We are here to serve. And also stalk Matt Saracen tonight. But mostly serve.

Mary in Vancouver: Will you post a review of Lights Out?No formal review (it's good), but check back tomorrow for lots of exclusive insight on the series in our Q&A with show runner Warren Leight.

Helen: Please can we get some good Grey's Anatomy scoop? Can you debunk the rumor that Callie is pregnant? Please! Dying here.I can't debunk it, sorry, but I have heard that Callie will actually serve as the catalyst for the musical episode--meaning, that everyone is singing because of something important that is going on with Callie. It sounds to me like it might be either a dream, or something going on inside her head, which would make sense, since everyone under the sun knows that a Grey's musical episode must heavily feature the voice of the phenomenally talented Sara Ramirez. (I've heard Sara perform live and, trust me, if ever there were a reason to do a musical episode of any show, her voice is it. It's like butter dipped in magic!)

Deirdre: What's up for Grey's this week? Anything juicy?Hearing really good things about this week's episode, and there will be at least one moment that will have everyone talking the next day (trust!). The moment isn't this one, but Bailey will get some serious smoochery, though it doesn't go over so well. Also, as the promo showed you, the race for chief resident is already on (as in, before the beginning of this episode), and guess who's been doing some spying? Hint: more than one character!

Beatrice: Will Meredith get pregnant? I feel like she might get pregnant again. How about some Meredith scoop for a change?!From what I hear, it isn't happening anytime soon, but be patient! Mer and Der are obviously still hoping--and you shouldn't give up hope either.

Fredderickka: When does Lost's Rebecca Mader guest star on No Ordinary Family? Love the Mader.Stand in line. Tomorrow night is Rebecca's episode, and I was on set for it, so check back tomorrow for video. Meantime, I can tell you she is awesome, and in episode 13, she's totally gonna knock out someone we know and love, then come face to face with that person in a very cool scene. Even better, no nosebleeds or talk of chocolate!

@sheebs08 (via Twitter): So the Chuck promo showed a new look for Sarah. Is she channeling her inner Miranda Lawson?! I'll let executive producer Chris Fedak take this one: "Two words: Evil Sarah." Oooh, did you just get the shivers, too? Could Yvonne Strahovski actually get more badass? The mind boggles!

Gregory: Is it true what your frenemy said about Bonnie and Jeremy kissing on The Vampire Diaries? What more will happen from there?I'm told that for now, there's not much more planned beyond the kiss. But yes, the kiss will indeed happen. Who's happy? And if not, what is wrong with you?! I kid. Not really.

@CAccolaWeb (via Twitter): Previously you said that Matt and Caroline fans shouldn't give up hope...Is that still the case now?I see no reason to give up hope now! As far as I know, Matt and Caroline will be in a love triangle with you-know-who (Tyler), but so far no indication on which guy will come out the big winner. What I can tell you is that there will be some smoochery. And sooner rather than later.

Marco: Bring me some good Big Bang Theory news on Leonard and Penny! You're in luck: There are no plans to keep them apart! But you should also know that Kaley Cuoco informed us that there aren't really any plans to get them together either. "It's really back and forth. I don't think the writers know!" she admits to us. "It's all a big question, like, should it be, shouldn't it be? Pulled in every direction." Me thinks when the writers know, then the actors will know, and finally, we will know.

Drewski: On Supernatural, will Sam ever become a nice guy? And what is Castiel dealing with up in heaven?Yes, Sam will. And I'm told to be patient re: Castiel, that is something we will find out!

@JennyMoon21 (via Twitter): Don't leave out Smallville! What's Clark up to? What about Lois? Any romantic stories for Clois? :-)Not sure this is headed to a Hallmark Valentine's Day card any time soon, but it is cool: Lois is gonna try to get Clark to adopt a secret identity. Hmmm...Do you think he will?

Judie in Albuquerque: Any news on the greatest show on TV, Breaking Bad?AMC's Emmy-winning series just started shooting again in your neighborhood this week, so keep your eyes peeled for film crews. One giveaway might be the "enormous" guy playing Saul Goodman's (the hilarious Bob Odenkirk) new bodyguard. After helping Walt and Jesse double-cross Mike "The Cleaner," Saul's going to need all the protection he can get.

Marie in Indiana: Any Modern Family news?Who wants to play Ed O'Neill's brother?! The Modern Family producers are looking for someone to play Jay's brother Tommy who is described as "very physical, working class lunk of a guy who's more comfortable using his fists than his words."

Megan: When is Hilarie Burton coming back to White Collar?Hilarie Burton's character, the sassy and smart insurance investigator, will be back in White Collar's Jan. 18 premiere, and this time she has to work with Neal. If you were a fan of One Tree Hill, you'll be excited for a mini reunion when Kevin Kilner's and Hilarie's characters collide in the FBI. You might remember Kilner played Peyton's papa on the CW prime-time soap. The best part about this reunion is it's without dredging boats or psycho stalkers!

Elana in the Netherlands: Private Practice scoop! First of all, we can scoop that Nicholas Brendon's creepy rapist returns in the Feb. 3 episode of Private Practice, and let's just that say KaDee Strickland's Charlotte encounters him on terms that are much more favorable to her, allowing her to reclaim some of her power. Whoo! Second of all, take it away, Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs:

Stella in Kentucky: So excited for Big Love! Any scoop?Early in the new season there's a scene where a sobbing Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) begs for the opportunity to win back her fans that's pretty clearly the writers acknowledging that last season was largely a mess. The producers have done well with their remodel, everything looks fresh and new--among other things, Nicki's (Chlo Sevigny) hair is awesome. This season appears to be largely about what happens after you come out of the closet. The Henricksons are now vulnerable to community ostracism and the kids are being bullied at school as "pligs," but the family also finds out that they are not as isolated as they had previously imagined. The fifth and final (wah!) season of Big Love premieres Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Tracey: So happy Californication is back! Got any scoop on what's coming up?Hank has always been a good father and he's trying to get back into Becca's good graces. In the next episode, he takes his budding musician daughter to buy a guitar, but his credit card is declined. Later, he writes the most beautiful heartfelt apology letter which unfortunately coincides with a lot of alcohol and a handful of pills.

Heather: How about something good on Glee? Finn and Rachel, Will and Emma or the Super Bowl episode? The Biebs? I'll take anything!Well the best news for all you who were panicked by the Justin Bieber episode (and still haven't heard) is that it's not happening, at least not now. Also good news: I'm still told that Finn and Rachel and Will and Emma are the endgame. You just, um, might not be super-duper-over-the-moon happy for the time being. "We can't make it easy!" a well-placed source who works on the show tells me, adding that the fans would get "bored." Agree? As for the Super Bowl episode, I just caught up with Amber Riley, who says it's "really big. They pulled out all the stops for it. There's going to be some kind of like maybe some circus acts going on. We're doing 'Thriller.' We're doing a little bit of an homage to Michael Jackson, so we're doing a little bit of 'Thriller,' and it's really good. We've got some zombie makeup, and it's gonna be a big one." Check out this sneak-peek photo for proof that your favorite Gleeks don't look so bad undead!

@BeyondStarlight (via Twitter): Glee?Looks like we might be getting a flashback to Rachel Berry's coming of age; producers are casting for a clutch of 12- to 14-year-old Jewish girls to appear in a bat mitzvah scene.

@MikitaIsIt (via Twitter): Please elicit this whole Michael &Nikita in a sauna having fight!sex??! Hyperventilating here!! Or anything Mikita related!Nikita and Michael will be fighting in a sauna, but there will be no fight-sexing, if that's what you're asking. No sex on the horizon or need to hyperventilate from what I've heard. I'll let you know when you need to have a paper bag on standby!

Vic: On Brothers &Sisters, please tell me Olivia isn't sticking around! I can't help but think she's the second coming of Cousin Oliver and no good for the quality of upcoming storylines. Sorry, fellow Brady fan (I salute you! And throw a football at your nose!), but I'm hearing that Kevin and Scotty will adopt Olivia, so she'll be around for a good while. I also hear there's some weird guy lurking in the background of that storyline we'll have to watch out for. In other news, Kitty is back in a few episodes (for you wondering, Calista just took a breather because she wanted to shoot fewer episodes this season), and Justin will befriend a veteran, but he reveals he's starting to have nightmares.

Annie: You know what Friday Night Lights needs more of? Taylor Kitsch.Could not agree more. That's why I'm so happy to let you know that next episode is full o' Kitsch! Tim Riggins to the rescue when Becky (Madison Burge) finds herself in yet another troubling situation. And when we say rescue, we mean standing there looking oh-so-gorgeous. What more do you want?

Kate in Florida: Any dish on the upcoming season of True Blood?Stephen Moyer spills, "We've got a new presence. There will be a new kind of specter that represents darkness. We had the wonderful Denis O'Hare as the king of Mississippi last year and he's [gone] at the end of season three, so we've got something else coming in to replace that darkness, which is going to be really interesting, I think, this whole new sort of topic that we haven't covered." Guesses on who the new "darkness" will be?

--Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Drusilla Moorhouse and Jenna Mullins

(Originally published Jan. 10, 2011, at 5:30 p.m. PT)