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Spoiler Chat: Get TV Scoop on Glee, Fringe, The Office and More!

Is the love polygon on Glee turning into a love fractal?
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Is the love polygon on Glee turning into a love fractal?

Why is Peter totally screwed on Fringe?

Who's breaking up on 30 Rock, getting same-sex cuddles on Community and maybe (just maybe) getting serious on The Office?

Plus, what can you expect from the heartbreaking Friday Night Lights series finale? Get all the latest TV dish right here:

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Melody: Is it true what Jane Lynch said about Gwyneth Paltrow doing two more episodes of Glee? I'm so excited!A source close to the production says it's actually "just one for now," but hey, cross your fingers. You never know.

Yvonne: Thank you so much for the Nikita scoop! Any chance you have some more?Shane West is full of it. Scoop, we mean. "Craig [Silverstein] and the group of writers have been writing so much great stuff. You feel like every episode is getting better and better," he tells us. "They've been kind of changing the vibe, and I am sure by the end of the year it's not going to look anything like it did in episode one."

Michele in St. Louis: I just watched Wednesday's episode of Human Target, and was thrilled when Chance and Ilsa kissed. (I did see it coming, though.) Next week's promo says the season finale is next. What the hell? Why so soon? Please tell me they will be renewed. Thanks.Human Target has not yet been renewed for a third season, so the episode airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Fox might very well be a series finale. Sadly for fans like yourself, there probably won't be any news either way until upfronts in May.

Crissy: Finn and Quinn again on Glee? No! Tell me it ain't so!It is so. Quinn and Finn, part two, takes over the Valentine's Day episode. But if you are on the Finn-Rachel team, you will get a pretty sweet scene smack dab in the middle of the drama.

Heather: I could care less about this Finn-Rachel-Quinn fiasco. I want to hear more about the best new couple ever: Puck and Lauren!You will love the Valentine's Day episode. We get to see the seven minutes in heaven incident in the closet--and why it was actually cut short to three minutes. The opening scene of the episode will be an instant favorite for Puck-Lauren fans! Actually, the whole episode will be an instant favorite.

Calliope in Riverside, Calif.: Will Blaine and Kurt ever become and item or does Blaine have his eyes on someone else? From the looks of the sneak peek of the Tuesday episode of Glee, he might have a thing for the guy who works at the Gap store?We liked it better when Blaine was perfect, and we didn't have to cringe on Darren Criss' behalf. Yes, in the Valentine's Day episode, the show backpedals wildly on Kurt-Blaine's relationship; apparently all their sparks meant nothing, for instead of loving Kurt as he is meant to do, Blaine loves some useless Gap salesman. (Wasn't Patrick Dempsey involved in a Will &Grace episode in this same vein?) Blaine exhorts his fellow Warblers to join him in what is possibly the most embarrassing romantic serenade yet produced by the show, and our Klaine-loving hearts were pierced straight through. Sigh.

Graham: The entire Fringe universe depends on which "Olivia" Peter chooses? Got any scoop on that?Fauxlivia vs. Olivia is about to get real messy for Peter. Why? Let's just say a complication arises that will definitely impact Peter's decision-making.

Jeremy: I love Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory. Is she going to be around for the rest of the season?She is scheduled to appear in lots more episodes. And Mayim Bialik tells us she's really hoping to be back next season. And back in a big way. "Honestly, I'd be happy if they want to bring me out of my shell and have me in stiletto heels and a miniskirt every week," she tells us. As for this season, Mayim reveals that it's going to be "more of the same" with Sheldon and Amy but in "different ways." She says, "We get to see gradual progressions of their relationship."

Lisa: Don't get me started on the series finale of Friday Night Lights. It's so sad! Have you seen it? Is it amazing?Saying goodbye to a show like Friday Night Lights will not be easy. But to make the process easier, we'll post on-set interviews with Taylor Kitsch and Adrianne Palicki real soon. And yes, we have seen the finale, and it's as incredible as you'd expect. There are lots of references to the pilot, and as soon as this song played, the tears started. Texas forever!

Wendy: As hot as angry Damon is on The Vampire Diaries, I have a soft spot for good Damon. Tell me he chills out in upcoming episodes.Well, he's going to try. Ian Somerhalder promises us that much. "He's trying his damnest to keep it together," he tells us. At least Damon knows he's miserable. So, that's step one, right?

Julia: Parks and Rec scoop?Ron Swanson's ex is back in town, played once again by the brilliant Megan Mullally. And we are once again reminded why those two should not be together. Too bad nobody gave them the memo that they split up for good reason. Cornrows and motorcycle sex are involved in round two of their scary reconciliation. Be afraid, Pawnee. Be very afraid.

Judie in Albuquerque: Peter? Will? Is Alicia ever going to decide on The Good Wife? We posed your question to executive producers David Zucker and Brooke Kennedy, who told us, "Alicia [Julianna Margulies] goes on a particular journey outside of what we've seen her before, [which] leads her to ask Will certain questions. I wouldn't say it's a confrontation or as direct as you [would like], but it leads us to circle back." And SAG winner Julianna said at last week's Academy of Television Arts &Sciences Good Wife panel, "Personally, I think Alicia truly needs to find out who she is without men." Where's the fun in that? Maybe Alicia should embrace her inner cougar and go after Cary (Matt Czuchry)!

CapricaSixteen: What can you tell us about this new guy Stan on Hawaii Five-0?We just talked to Mark Deklin, who plays Stan, and he tells us, "As we speak, they are writing a storyline to bring me back for more. I'm a little bit in the dark to be perfectly honest, I don't know whether I'm going to turn out to be a good guy or a bad guy. Right now all I know and all we know is that, like I said, I'm a rival and Danny wants to hate me and maybe I'm a little more complex than he'd like me to be."

Kimberly: Any goods on Hawaii Five-0?You know Chin's ex fiance? Daniel Dae Kim says: "I would be surprised if you didn't see her again, let's put it that way." Yay for more Reiko!

Katie: Grey's Anatomy baby scoop?Is there any better kind? We think Grey's fans will enjoy Sloan's dedication to Callie, Arizona and the new father-to-be hat he'll be wearing. And trust us, it looks good on him. And then there's that matter of Meredith and her fertility treatments: She's about to be in quite the predicament (apparently the fertility drugs have major side effects, which could include blindness!), and no one does baby drama better than Grey's, right?

Peter: Michael and Holly finally together! Yes! Please tell me they're in it for the long haul this time.Well, we can tell you that in the Valentine's Day episode of The Office, Michael and Holly become that couple that everyone hates. And with those two, you shouldn't be surprised that they take PDA to a whole other level. But at least Michael is happy, and that's what matters, right? Who cares if he likes to um, munch on his lady's ear?

Jackie: The PDA episode of The Office looks so cute! Is it full of Michael-Holly awesomeness?The PDA episode is full of everybody awesomeness. Dwight even reads off a list of everybody who's ever had sex in the office and poor Kevin is just about the only employee who isn't named. Pam and Jim's drunky Valentine's Day brunch becomes a drunky afternoon at their desks (and in the warehouse), and just when you thought Erin-Gabe was officially on and Erin-Andy was officially off, Erin invites Andy to be her buddy on a romantic treasure hunt orchestrated by Gabe. Awkward!

Mary in Boston: Love Sally the ghost on Being Human! Are we going to learn more about her backstory? Is her death as "suspicious" as the ghost's in the U.K. version of the show? We adore Sally (Meaghan Rath), too, along with her boyfriend Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta)--until, that is, we found out he is a jealous jerk who lied to her roommates about what (and who!) caused her death. Plus he's a lousy plumber! To be fair, it's Sally--and her unaddressed inner turmoil--who is causing the problems with the brownstone's pipes...which only get worse when werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) welcomes a hairy houseguest.

Mary: Will Parenthood's Kristina and Adam ever give in on the Alex issue?We have no qualms admitting that we swoon over Alex (Michael B. Jordan) on a weekly basis. Luckily in the next episode, a surprising Braverman is the one to bridge the gap and end the Mexican standoff between Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and her parents. Cue slow-motion family bonding set to emotionally manipulative music.

Kate: When does Warehouse 13 come back? I miss Pete!No specific date has been set for the start of Warehouse 13's new season but if you are going through Eddie McClintock withdrawal you should definitely tune into this week's Fairly Legal. In true Pete Lattimer goofiness, McClintock plays a TV cowboy chef who we'd guess has never seen a live cow in his life. Also, we really like this fun show, so we think you should watch.

Aileen: The promos for the new House episode have me pretty freaked out. Is House really going to ruin his team's careers for Cuddy?Does that surprise you? House cares about few things, but those things do include both Cuddy and saving his patient. So that means saving Cuddy's mom (the fabulous Candice Bergen) is priority No. 1. Even if it means going behind his girlfriend's back to perform his regular unethical madness. So to answer your original question: House would go very far to save this one. Including doing something so sneaky to Dr. Masters (Amber Tamblyn), she hurls.

Lucas: I love House and Cuddy together, and I'm concerned this mama drama might ruin them. Help ease my worries?Not gonna lie to you, Cuddy dealing with her sick mom puts some serious strain on her relationship with House. Especially when the blame game starts. But you know who also has some serious relationship problems this episode? Dr. Taub (Peter Jacobsen).

Karen: Southland!Still devastated over Nate's (Kevin Alejandro) death? Us too. But Sammy (Shawn Hatosy) is back to work, and this time he's in uniform. He's determined to get back out on the streets to show the gangbangers that they didn't win. Let's just say he sends a very strong and clear message. Advanced warning: The way Ben McKenzie holds an adorable child will make your ovaries ache.

Teresa: I don't love Tammi, but I do love Sammy! Are we going to see his baby on this season of Southland?Word on the scoop street is yes! Tammi (Emily Bergl) is going to be pushing out the baby in this season's 10th episode. Between the devastating loss of his partner and the stork dropping off a brand-new baby, look for a very emotional Sammy--who might be mulling a big change in his profession.

Penelope: Any 30 Rock news?Bad news, actually. We're pretty sure that Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and Carol (Matt Damon) break up during this week's Valentine's Day episode. For one thing, there's the episode trailers that show them fighting, and for another, we're told that the Eion Bailey casting we broke last week is for a man Liz is seeing "on the rebound." Awww, come back soon Matt Damon!

Estella: Any news on Community? Love is in the air for the Valentine's Day episode, and that means that several same-sex friends are ready, willing and able to explore the homoerotic dimensions of their friendships. Yay! And Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) once again plays the accidental hero/father for his motley crew of study-group friends. If you don't "Awww..." at the end of the episode, you weren't paying attention.

Keri: What's coming up for Jimmy and Sabrina on Raising Hope?You know how Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) is cool and smart and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) adores her? Well it turns out she's also a germaphobe and her obsession with cleanliness sends the Chances into a cleaning frenzy. Something we were surprised to learn is hilarious: a crime-scene-grade black light!

--Reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse &Christina Dowling

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