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Spoiler Chat: Get Summer TV Scoop on Weeds, True Blood and More!

What kind of drugged-out shenanigans are we to expect from the Botwins this season on Weeds?
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What kind of drugged-out shenanigans are we to expect from the Botwins this season on Weeds?

And which perennial near-victim on True Blood might finally be getting offed in the season finale?

We've got the scoop on all of that, plus dish on Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Glee's Wemma, Desperate Housewives and more in today's TV spoiler chat!

Nutella: Is it true that Gerard Butler is reuniting with his 300 costar Lena Headey in Game of Thrones? I heard he's going to plan Stannis Baratheon, the dead king's brother.We heard the same thing and we were intrigued so checked on this for you and his publicist says it's not true, at least not at this point. Don't get us wrong, we're not opposed to this casting, we just did the due diligence and we're hearing it's just a fake casting rumor at this point. Sorry, Gerard Butler fans.

Maggie in Lexington, Ky.: I'm a CW addict, so any scoop on anything CW-related would help me get through the summer!Do you have your Ian Somerhalder calendar ready? Good, mark these just announced premiere dates down: September 13: 90210, Ringer. September 15: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle. September 23: Nikita, Supernatural. September 26: Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie.

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Pencilneck: True Blood? It's probably nothing, but producers are casting for a body double for a character we love for the season finale. This character is in perpetual danger because he/she is such a fan favorite (and he/she has almost been offed before), so we're a smidge panicky that bad things may finally come to pass for this person. Eek!

LucyPevensie: You've got to tell us more about the Bill vigilante thing you were saying about True Blood!Bill installs a torture chamber in his house this season. Kinky sex, perhaps, or more likely he's hunting down his enemies and putting them on the rack for his own quasi-diabolical purposes.

Andy in London: How do you rate the new Torchwood reboot? It's my favourite programme here in England. 'Allo, mate! Actually, Starz Torchwood: Miracle Day is considered a "continuation" of the original U.K. series (premiering July 8), so you should be properly chuffed (OK, stopping now) to see original castmembers Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), hubby Rhys (Kai Owen) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) reunited across the pond to save the world once again in this fun sexy (seriously R-rated sex-ay) lark in the spirit of Dr. Who (it's a spinoff of that series). After everyone on Earth stops dying--on "Miracle Day"--the once-immortal Harkness is suddenly the only person on Earth who can die. We love Mekhi Phifer (E.R., Lie to Me) as incurably wounded CIA agent Rex Matheson and Lauren Ambrose as ruthless publicist Jilly Kitzinger (playing the opposite of her angsty Claire in Six Feet Under), but after three episodes continue to be annoyed by Bill Pullman's child killer Oswald Danes and grumpy doctor Vera Juarez (Arlene Tur), who, unfortunately, they cannot kill off.

reebsreiswig: I've heard scoop about everyone BUT Eliot in the new season of Leverage! I need something about my fave badass! Don't worry. Eliot (Christian Kane) is pretty badass in the June 26 premiere episode. He's awesome as he scales a mountain in a blizzard and not surprisingly he makes a flowery apron look quite badass. You're welcome.

blueashke: Weeds!You got it. Justin Kirk tells us that he thinks Weeds continues to find success because they "reinvent it almost every season," and season seven will be no different. "It's a three-year time jump. And it takes place in New York. We jump ahead three years from where we left off, which was her surrendering to the FBI and the boys and I heading to Europe, Scandinavia." International adventures, ahoy!

spdude03: #Weeds scoop pleeeeeease!?!?! I'm dying to know what is going on with the Botwin clan!!This season the Botwins are pissing off some New York City college kids by horning in on their weed business (because that's what Botwins do, see), and Silas and Shane are participating in an above-board business venture that gets some media attention.

Minerva: Any news on my fave, 90210?Producers are looking for someone to play Navid's Uncle Amal, who will be a recurring character who "was his father's business partner and is a bad guy who seems charming upon first glance. But underneath, he is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to make more money. Money is his priority, first and foremost. He isn't someone you want to mess with."

Grason in Pa.: OK, if you don't have any Bones scoop, could you possibly give me info on the spin-off, The Finder?We like your attitude: When in doubt, ask about a spin-off. It just so happens that Geoff Stults recently shared some scoop with us about The Finder. "We haven't started filming again yet, but Michael Clarke Duncan and I are in the middle of casting some new characters and we're excited," he tells us. He also insists that even though we first met his character on Bones, audiences shouldn't put the two shows in the same boat. "The only thing I think it's anywhere close and comparable to Bones is because it's created by the same guy (Hart Hanson) and luckily we launched off of them on an episode of Bones," Geoff says. "It's way less procedural. It's way quirkier. It's like a quirkier Magnum P.I. without the tight corduroy shorts." Damn, we were sold until we found out there won't be tight shorts.

verarigoli: SONS OF ANARCHY?We'll be meeting another SOA chapter in season four. Yay! Look for SOA Tucson to make an appearance this year. Clay and his counterpart are not friends, but Jax and his counterpart do get along. Gotta love the (metaphorical) family ties that bind and gag.

acecoyote: Got anything about next season on Desperate Housewives?Producers are casting for a new series regular named Ben, who sounds like he might be competition for James Denton. Ben is described as "a sexy, masculine contractor...Ben has the kind of grit and tremendous drive that comes from being a self-made man. Ruthless in business, but with a charming, witty faade, Ben is a powerful, confident man." Any dream casting for this part?

sethhowardisch: Rookie Blue scoop! The premiere is only days away.You're right about that, sir. Season two of Rookie Blue premieres June 23, and Missy Peregrym is here to tell you about some of the cases the crew will be working on. "There is a fire situation where someone goes into a fire because of a loved one, and things go really wrong from there," she spills to us. "There is also a bomb situation where it's a trap actually. And we do a lot more undercover stuff this year, so that makes me more interesting because we are out of our uniforms." Here's hoping someone has to pose as a giant hot dog handing out flyers to Hot Dog on a Stick. That would be awesome.

StinaDarling: Anything on Hawthorne. Please and thanks!Jada Pinkett Smith tells us to keep an eye on Christina's daughter Camille (Hannah Hodson) this season. "I think the person that probably grows the most is Camille," she says. "My daughter has a very, very interesting storyline this year. I think you'll find out this year why Christina has the type of relationship that she does have with Camille, because her own childhood that gets revealed this season."

Catherine: Burn Notice scoop please!Summer is often the time for sunny vacation getaways and we hear Venezuela is nice this time of year. In the June 23 premiere, Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam (Bruce Campbell) go along for the wild ride but are unfortunately regulated to the typical tourist shtick. We're sure you can imagine Fiona's reaction to that. Nobody puts baby in a corner!

WemmaLove: May we have some scoopage of Wemma from Glee please?You may. Jayma Mays tells us that based on the end of season two, there is definitely hope for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma to get back together. "I feel like the way it ended in season two, we were kind of headed back in that direction. Which makes me happy," she says. And for the record, Jayma will always be team Wemma. "I think from episode one those two were destined to be together. I feel like those two are always headed in that direction. I'd love to see them together." So would all of Twitter, that's for sure.

lucasarmiliato_: Any scoop on Switched at Birth? Katie Leclerc is amazing.Agreed. We just talked to Katie and we'll have more from her later this week, but in the meanwhile, she told us that the story of why and how her character came to be hearing impaired because of an infection is going to be a huge flashbacky plot point as the season progresses. Juicy!

Christopher in Naperville, Ill.: Any chance you can spill some scoop on the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?It sounds like Danny DeVito is a little too enthusiastic about his upcoming storyline. "Well, I get to meet a family member that I have not seen in a long time this year, and I get to have a very good relationship with a very dirty, dirty, dirty, woman, which is always good and always good to do," he tells us. Meanwhile, Glenn Howerton was kind enough to reveal that there is going to be "a lot of music" this season, plus a high school reunion two-part special! "You will be meeting a lot of characters that you've met in the past and a few characters that we've only spoken about that are part of the legend and mythology of the show, but we never had met," he says.

Aileen in New York, N.Y.: Um, did you see the season four trailer for Breaking Bad? Tell me the premiere is as awesome as I think it's going to be!First of all, we at Watch with Kristin see everything. In fact, we see those pants you're wearing right now and they clash with your shirt. Secondly, according to Bryan Cranston, the fourth season premiere is going to blow your mindhole. "It's another explosive night," he tells us. "In the first episode there is an "Oh My God" moment that you just have no idea [is coming]. It stunned me when I first saw it and I dropped the script it was so startling." Can you stand the wait?! July 17 never seemed so far away.

imp3rial1: Is there anything scoop-worthy on Drop Dead Diva? Please!Jane (Brooke Elliott) certainly asserts herself in the July 10 episode. There is nothing like leaving a loud and proud voicemail to some jerky guy who never calls after a date. Yay for girl power and self respect! But of course that message turns awkward when said jerky guy has a great reason for not calling.

Molly: What can you tell us about Wilfred?Only that we love it! OK we can tell you more: We really love it. Seriously though, it's a very quirky, dark comedy with a lot of heart. Jason Gann and Elijah Wood are just charming and hilarious. If you have friends with questionable morals or ever felt like you needed to take control of your life, you'll be able to relate to the humor. And if you ever suspected your dog to be a lewd Australian stoner, then you'll really be able to relate.

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins ( @jbomb11 ), Christina Dowling ( @fatherdowling ), Drusilla Moorhouse ( @DruMoorhouse ) and Jennifer Arrow ( @JenniferArrow )