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Spoiler Chat: Get Scoop on The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Nikita and More!

Which vampire vixen is coming between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries?
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Which vampire vixen is coming between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) on The Vampire Diaries?

When and how is Blaine (Darren Criss) transferring to McKinley High School on Glee?

And which CW cutie might be crossing the country to settle on another coast? We've got those answers and more in today's spoiler chat!

cmstevens77: Glee! Is Blaine transferring to McKinley? If so, how soon next season?Since Darren Criss is officially a series regular, we can't imagine Ryan Murphy could keep him out of McKinley High for long. We know his method of operation too well. We wouldn't be surprised if Blaine makes the transfer within the first three episodes. R.M. wouldn't dare transfer him over the summer and deprive fans of an episode devoted to Blaine finding himself at the same school as his adorable boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer).

dayecarter: Can I get a Comic-Con spoiler? I'd love to know which cast members will be on the Glee panel.It hasn't yet been announced which castmembers will descend upon San Diego for one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. But two things are for sure: we will be at the panel and in the press room to get tons of Glee scoop, and Ryan Murphy and Co. will surely spill info on any characters who aren't there to represent themselves. Last year, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were not at Comic-Con, but we still got some scoop on Finn and Rachel regardless. Breathe easy, you shippers.

Luca in New York, N.Y.: Please tell me you have intel on whether or not his Groffiness Jonathan Groff will be appearing on Glee next season!We have some not so good news, at least for Glee fans. Jonathan was just cast in an off-Broadway show (The Submission), and it runs pretty much the whole time Glee is in production for the first half of season three. Our resident Broadway expert predicts Groff will be up to his ears in stage duties from August until the end of October. Unless Jonathan flies back and forth on his one day off while performing, Jesse St. James will most likely be MIA for the first part of next season. But who knows, The Groff may not like to sleep, so maybe he'll do both! Fun fact about his new show, True Blood's Rutina Wesley is also starring in it.

McKenna: The Vampire Diaries!Imagine Velma Kelly from the musical Chicago ("he had it coming!") as a vampire, and you'll have a pretty good picture of new character Becky. She's a key figure from Stefan's past, and she's enrolled at Mystic Falls High to put herself in his path, reclaim his love and eliminate her rivals. She's going to be particularly mean to poor Caroline, but we're hoping Caroline surprises us with some newly discovered reserves of strength and shows Becky who's boss.

_Naty_: Since Kristen Bell was cast in House of Lies, will she still voice Gossip Girl?Because Kristen Bell's Gossip Girl gig is off-camera, there's no reason she wouldn't be able to step away from time to time to do her voiceovers. She is, after all, the one and only Gossip Girl, and the show could fall apart without her!

aalso_o: When does Gossip Girl start filming in LA?It's an Aug. 1 for the filming for a seemingly Hollywood storyline including a casting agent and some possible real estate purchases. Does that mean someone (read: Serena) will be putting down roots in Los Angeles? It hard to imagine those Gossip Girls permanently in sundresses.

Tom in Brazil: Any news on Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer pilot? Thanks!Shooting on SMG's new show begins Tuesday, July 19. Yay! Producers are looking for someone to play a housekeeper who knows something is up with the switcherooed twins. Ruh-roh!

24addict: Please get as much info as you can on Torchwood! Love it! We also love Torchwood: Miracle Day and said so to creator/show runner Russell Davies, which is probably why he was so generous with his scoop. The Soulless Movement (those marchers in the creepy frownie masks) will hit home for Esther (Alexa Havins), whose sister "has a complete mental breakdown because she believes in the soulless," Russell told us. "She believes that the human race are doomed because they've lost their mortality, they'll never get to heaven. It's an example of the sort of extreme psychological reactions that society goes through and the soulless is just one of them--we get a lot of these different reactions all the way through the series."

ReRecoli: Got any Rookie Blue scoop?Maybe you saw Missy Peregrym's blink-and-you-missed-it tweet announcing Rookie Blue's season three renewal. While her tweet is now MIA, there are good signs for a season three pickup including the producers casting a new rookie who will be working with Sam (Ben Bass). Unfortunately for Sam, and all you McSwarek fans, the seasoned soldier could also be a potential love interest for Andy in the future. Hey now, let's give the new guy a chance before we pull out the torches and pitchforks.

Lindsay in El Paso, Texas: Got any Pretty Little Liars news? We've got all kinds of news, good and bad. First: Ian's for-realsies death persuades the Liars' parents to allow the girls to hang out again. The bad news? They'll be spending a lot of time together in the hospital, where--wait for it--Emily (Shay Mitchell) is a patient! This does not look good for her swimming "scholarship," does it?

Kimma_S: Any spoilers for Haven? Thanks!July 15 is finally the season two premiere. Yay! But if you were hoping for Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) to just make out already, well that doesn't happen in this episode. Sad face. We're still going to keep our fingers crossed for a make out sesh in episode two. But there are bigger things to worry about in Haven like the other Audrey Parker and mysterious lady from Duke's (Eric Balfour) past.

Mayracansigno: Can I have some CSI: Miami scoop, I'll take anything you have plzz. I said please.We adore actor Ethan Embry so any opportunity to see him on screen makes us giddy. His return as fugitive Randy North in the season premiere will introduce the team to his children, including a very sweet boy who worries about where he and sister will end up. Calleigh (Emily Procter) will have to consider a surprising and heartbreaking offer.

numbnuts666: Got any scoop on Blue Bloods?It's pretty uncomfortable and sad when you're out at dinner with a friend and her husband is found dead by a hooker. Well that's what Erin Reagan-Boyle (Bridget Moynahan) is up to when we see her again in the season premiere. Awful and traumatic and it's probably not a good time to ask to split the check.

goldstaarr: Anything Nikita-related please! Even better if it's Mikita.This isn't really Mikita-related, but you never know how something could turn into sexy time for our favorite spy couple. Nikita's antagonist in ep two will be a villain named Joseph Mars who pretends to be an addiction counselor so he can use "experimental psychotropics to turn his patients into sleeper assassins." Sounds like a great setting for a romantic date, huh?

Coco: Anything about the Castle season premiere?The Castle season premiere is called "Rise" and starts shooting on Thursday!

Michaela: Anything on The Closer?Do you sometimes remind yourself of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, etc. etc.? If yes, have your agent call The Closer casting office right now, because producers are looking for someone to play Missy Michaels, "sweet, spoiled, talented country pop singer who wants to make it in Hollywood," whose father is murdered. Brenda and company are on the case, because there's a chance that Missy or her mom done the murder just for the added publicity! Oh, show business, you so crazy.

Chris in San Diego: Breaking Bad scoop? How much does Gale's shooting mess up Jesse? The shooting of Gale messes up Jesse (Aaron Paul) big-time--and his pretty new house, too. As triple Emmy-winning star Bryan Cranston explained to us at the show's L.A. premiere, "He's in a dire position...That changes a person, when you have to do that. Right now Jesse is grieving, in a way that he can't be alone. He's haunted by his memories, so he needs to have activity around him. And Walt is just not understanding that. He's misconstruing that to be, he's not dealing with it. And in a way he's not." One person who does deal with it is Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito)--in a scene so shocking one woman needed medical treatment after seeing it on the big screen. (Maybe you should have some smelling salts handy when you watch Sunday's season premiere?)

Number17: Sons of Anarchy?Around the middle of the season, we're going to Tig's (Kim Coates) totally troubled yet hot twin daughters Dawn and Fawn. Daddy Tig? Oh god, yes. Brilliant.

iPray4Idiots: When will we meet Bay's biological father on Switched at Birth? Is there going to be as much delicious drama as I think?And then some! Bay's (Vanessa Marano) birth father, Angelo (played by the oh-so-handsome Gilles Marini), will be making his debut in the season finale. And it won't be a subtle entrance for Angelo. "He has a lot of secret skeletons hidden everywhere," Gilles tells us. "No one is really ready for him, so it's a big bang when my character comes into this world." And hopefully, we'll be seeing lots more of Angelo past the season finale, because Gilles has big plans for him. "I can't wait to work more and see if my character switches gears into being a good person, or is he purely bad? There are a lot of things we need to unveil," he says.

CloisForever23: Any new scoop on what's ahead for Alek and Chloe on Nine Lives of Chloe King?Well, when we chatted with both Benjamin Stone and Grey Damon, we never got around to asking about the show because we just stared at all their hotness. Just kidding, we did ask about a possible future love triangle. Let's just say it's a pretty safe bet that there's going to be some serious Alek and Chloe (Skyler Samuels) tension in the next few episodes.

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins ( @jbomb11 ), Jennifer Arrow ( @JenniferArrow ), Christina Dowling ( @fatherdowling ) &Drusilla Moorhouse ( @drumoorhouse )