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Spoiler Chat: Find Out About the Glee Moment You Didn't See in the New York Photos!

You might think you know everything about Glee's New York episode because of your in-depth CIA-like analysis of the photo intelligence, but there are a few Big Apple episode details that only we can share!
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You might think you know everything about Glee's New York episode because of your in-depth CIA-like analysis of the photo intelligence, but there are a few Big Apple episode details that only we can share!

Plus, what's to come for Elena and Damon on The Vampire Diaries? What can you expect from the finales of Chuck and Smallville? Why are True Blood and Burn Notice adding new characters? And what don't you know yet about Callie and Arizona's wedding on Grey's Anatomy?

Find out all that and more in this week's all-new TV spoiler chat!

Meghann in Alexandria, Va.: I hear Make It or Break It might be canceled. What's up with that?All we can tell you is that so far is no news is good news. A rep for ABC Family says only, "There hasn't been a decision made either way. We are in the middle of all new episodes airing and the season two finale will be on May 23."

Karina: Modern Family?Ariel Winter tells us, "Next season I think that Alex will become a little bit cooler--like maybe Alex getting into a little bit more mischievous stuff...[but] Alex will always be smart. Always, she will never not be smart." And she will always grind her jaw! "Exactly."

Cg in Arizona: You guys are doing great, but when is Kristin coming back?Don't worry, guys, Kristin is coming back this summer. We promise, we miss her even more than you do!

thepostite: Any Glee scoop regarding Brittany/Santana? #brittanaBrittany (Heather Morris), either intentionally or stupidly, does something that really pisses Santana (Naya Rivera) off. Not the best news for Brittana fans, but keep the hope alive for just a few more episodes, mmmkay?

DeGleek: Saw that some amazing Finchel scenes were filmed in NYC. Anything you guys can tell us about that?The best Finn-Rachel scenes, at least in our humble opinions, have not been photographed yet. That's right. The photos you've seen thus far? Not even the best that's yet to come!

phb34: Please tell us that Fuinn will start to unravel....need Finchel happiness again!Unravel is the perfect word for what's about to happen to Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Finn (Cory Monteith). Of course, it won't unravel in a nice, straight line. More like a tangled web.

xcalilax: Any chance of some Glee scoop?You know the gang is going to NYC for nationals, but now we're worried that someone might not make it to the show on time. Producers are casting for an actor to play a nice, slightly overweight security guard at a New York City theater. You know what guards do, don't you? They keep people out of theaters where they need to be singing!

Julssmarzari: I want The Vampire Diaries, por favor.Who else thinks the Originals are an awesome addition to this season? We do. And so goes TVD boss Julie Plec, who says that season three has been dubbed: "Season of the Originals." So, expect at least one Original to survive the bloodbath during the remaining episodes.

Lauren_eli7: Will something finally happen between Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries?"Something" is such a broad term. We can narrow it down to this: something fans have been expecting will happen between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the remaining episodes. And of course, something that fans will not be expecting will also happen. Vague? Maybe. But we bet you smart TVD fans have some ideas.

gsierra21: Three episodes of Smallville left! OMG! What happens?OMG, indeed! Justin Hartley, please respond! "It's kind of an Oliver story to the end. And then of course the Chloe (Allison Mack) thing. Where they end up, do they end up together, do they not. It's neat. It's a hero thing, and then it's a family thing as well," he tells us about Oliver's journey for the rest of the season.

TheREALSN3: Anything Smallville finale-related please!Cassidy Freeman thinks fans will be satisfied, that's for sure. "I think the way they went about finishing this series was really clever," she tells us. "I actually got chills reading the finale and I hope the fans feel the same way. But I think it's really clever and a great launching pad for whatever story each one of us takes from here." We're going to assume she means a Smallville movie is happening. Let's pick the hashtag: #SmallvilleMovie #SmallMovie2012 #BigScreenSmallville

Mickey: Calzona wedding deets, please!Stacy McKee, the writer of Thursday's ep of Grey's Anatomy tells us, "[Jessica Capshaw's Arizona] has a really good speech and it talks about her family, in sort of an unexpected way...It's a really nice moment." As for the other, most important speeches made on any wedding day (the vows!), McKee tells us, "I wrote their vows. They are special TV 'I love you' vows but I did use fairly traditional Catholic vows as a template, because that's Callie's (Sara Ramirez) background. And it was important to Callie to have a lot of tradition in her wedding...there are white dresses and lots of flowers. No white leisure suits here. It's full-on wedding."

Meg__KC: Anything juicy on The Good Wife?When properly inspired Alicia (Julianna Margulies) can pack up, rent an apartment and leave her husband, all while the big celebration is still hopping. Impressive. This episode gives Julianna Margulies such a chance to shine, from breaking down to steeling her face at work when she sees Kalinda (Archie Panjabi). Can you say Emmy reel?

nandacavalieri: Anything about Ben/Leslie from Parks &Rec?Do not miss the episode titled "Road Trip."

Lucy in Las Vegas, Nev.: Will January Jones' pregnancy be written into Mad Men?"I can only imagine," Jon Hamm speculates to us. "I don't really know. It's not up to me, so maybe that's a Matt Weiner question." We'll give you Matt's email address so you can ask him directly. As for non-baby Mad Men stuff, Jon tells us he's just excited to get back to work. "We're coming back in July. I'm looking very forward to that. I'm glad all the uncertainty is wrapped up. We don't have to worry about that anymore and we can just go and make our TV show."

Lyzz: Hey Team WWK! I heard a rumor that this is In Plain Sight's last season. Say it ain't so!? But more importantly is there ANY hope for a Mary/Marshall endgame?It ain't so! Better? Hope so, because we actually have no idea--the USA Network hasn't indicated what the future holds for In Plain Sight. When we spoke with her last week, star Mary McCormack compared your fave couple to "Sam and Diane," so it seems like Marshall is destined to be with Mary...if not her baby daddy.

Cposoares: Please, something about Danny and Lindsay on CSI: New York?While Friday's episode is jammed packed with action, Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsay (Anna Belknap) do take a brief moment to connect. And if you are a long-time fan it may remind you of another Danny-Lindsay hug from way back when. But the action! Oh the action is the real star of this episode. A spray of bullets, gunfights, a car crash and creepy Clifton Collins Jr. being creepy, don't miss this one! P.S. Hang tight for our exclusive interview with Gary Sinise about the finale!

Kathleen: I love Raising Hope! What's coming up?Have you been dying to see Garret Dillahunt shirtless and spraying himself with a hose? If yes, first of all, you might need therapy. But you're also in luck! This week we learn that Burt is a flirt when it comes to his clients and said flirtation involves riding on a lawn mower in cut off shorts and a cowboy hat. It's truly a win for us all.

Sunday: I need Pretty Little Liars news!Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell tells us, "We are shooting right now...We go right back into everything right after the season finale. It basically takes place moments after; you get to see what happens right after." Holy aftermath, Batman!

killitwithakiss: What do you have on White Collar?Mozzie (Willie Garson) is about to meet his match! Look for a new badass hacker character named Sally, she's beautiful, understated, wicked smart and shares Mozzie's anti-government paranoia.

djEZEninja: True Blood in a couple months....whattaya have?Producers are looking for a young girl, aged six to eight, to wander around covered in blood while screaming piteously for her mother. (TV gods, please oh please, don't let this be character be True Blood's version of Interview With a Vampire's Claudia!)

Madrida: Anything new on The Big Bang Theory?Simon Helberg tells us, "Next season I don't know just yet since we just finished but my character is engaged and, uh, that does not go smoothly throughout the rest of the season. He's got to tell his mother and that's a huge hurdle to overcome so that's in a couple of episodes right before the; it lands some of them in the emergency room. It's chaotic. I think it's going to be a really bumpy road."

Tina: Burn Notice?When did doppelgngers become so trendy? First Elena got one on The Vampire Diaries and next up to bat is...Michael Weston? Yep, producers are casting for a Jeffrey Donovan lookalike who gets hired by some bad guys to impersonate our favorite freelance hero. This is not going to end well for the poor dude.

Jemjoven: What more can you tell us about Sarah's gorgeous wedding dress? #ChuckLike we said before, Yvonne Strahovski definitely had her say in the wedding dress that hopefully fans will get to see her walk down the aisle in. Yvonne also told us she isn't always keen on running around in skintight clothing, so we're betting the dress will be more girly/traditional and less spy-esque. Only thing we know for sure: Sarah will look beeeautiful.

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins ( @JBomb11 ), Christina Dowling ( @fatherdowling ), Dru Moorhouse ( @DruMoorhouse ), Laura Carlson and Jennifer Arrow ( @JenniferArrow )

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