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Spoiler Chat: Everybody's Hooking Up for Valentine's Day!

TV is getting in the holiday spirit! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and that means TV shows are in love with love for the next two weeks.
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TV is getting in the holiday spirit! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and that means TV shows are in love with love for the next two weeks.

Which bros and hos are hooking up? Which characters are planning sex dates? Who's getting humiliated? And which series lead looks to have a bun in the oven?

Here's what we can tell you about what's to come on Glee, Bones, Modern Family and much more:

Ryan in Philadelphia: Remember that storyline in 90210 season one about Harry having had a son that was given up for adoption? I've sort of been wondering when or if the show runners or writers are going to ever return to storyline and continue it? It was a good story that I think deserves attention.Sorry...that's a mystery that's going to remain unsolved. A source says producers have no current plans to circle back to the story of what happened to Harry's (Rob Estes) long-lost baby; makes sense since they're excising the remaining grownups from the show at the end of the season anyway.

EllenPlsTweet: What's to come for Meredith and Derek? #greysanatomyDon't worry, the Feb. 17 episode is heavy on the Ellen Pompeo, as Mer manages the emergency room overnight. And one of her patients is none other than Loretta Devine as Adele, which will no doubt pique Chief Webber's interest as to how effectively Mer does her job. Good luck, girlfriend!

berry_hearts: I love Lincoln on #Fringe. Please tell me we will be seeing lots more of him!Linc, Scarlie and Fauxlivia are all back this week. And when this ep airs, we'll have our preggo radar turned up to 11, because those rumors that Fauxlivia is preggo by Peter are just too destructively delicious to ignore.

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Lori: So bummed about Quinn and Sam splitting up on Glee! Does that mean less of the beautiful Chord Overstreet?Who would dare keep those luscious lips off the screen? Chord will still be around McKinley High. Promise! "I am part of 'Thriller,' " he tells us. "We're all decked out and [it's a] crazy, crazy dance. A lot of special effects and makeup--it'll be fun." Plus, he's promising some awesome episodes for the back half of the season, despite the fact it seems like they've been shooting the Super Bowl episode for three months straight. Chord says, "We've actually got three or four good episodes ready to go. We've been working really hard. There's a lot of exciting things coming up for the second half of season two."

farmer_47 (via Twitter): Any chance Glee might have a country episode coming up soon?Might not be a country episode per se, but did you hear the rousing rendition of Lady Antebellum's " Need You Now " that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Puck (Mark Salling) perform in the much-talked-about Super Bowl episode? It seems like we've been talking about this episode forever, but finally hearing the songs is getting us revved up for some nachos, pigskin and halftime-show goodness. You can also listen to Finn (Cory Monteith) work out some 1960s breakup angst with " She's Not There " and the big " Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll " mashup that will inspire a dead man's party on the field. And the Dalton Academy Warblers performing " Bills, Bills, Bills " means for certain we will see Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) be all sorts of adorable. Home run! Touchdown! #KurtBlaineKISSalready!

Tina: Any Glee scoop?!Glee's educational canvas is expanding again. First we met Warblers of all-male Dalton Academy, and now producers are casting for a beautiful girl to play a student at an upscale all-girls school. Anybody else think they should just import Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars?

Julie in Tampa: I love Daisy on Bones! And I especially love her and Dr. Sweets. Please tell me we'll be seeing more of her and then. And what is to come for them? If you're a Daisy-Sweets fan, you best tune in for the Feb. 10 episode of Bones. One of the storylines centers on their relationship, even though Daisy is not actually in the episode.

Lindsey: Anything on 30 Rock, which has been kicking ass this season? The baby is coming! But never mind about baby Donaghy --we're a little concerned that Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) might be incubating a little Lutz (John Lutz). Two weeks out. Be afraid, people, be afraid.

Jessie: Parks and Recreation is better than ever this season! What's next?Are you a fan of the Twilight books? If you answered yes, you will love this week's episode. Guest star Will Forte wants Twilight in the Pawnee time capsule so bad, he chains himself to a pipe in Leslie's office! And if you answered no, you are not a fan of the Twilight books, well, this episode might change your opinion. Because by the end of the episode, let's just say Twilight has a couple new fans in the Parks department.

@questam (via Twitter): Are Andy and April on Parks and Rec ever going to get together? Andy and April are totally OTP! They don't get official right away, but keep watching: You April-Andy fans will enjoy April's ongoing spite for Andy's (Chris Pratt) ex Ann (Rashida Jones). April as a mean girl is just funny. Aubrey Plaza, where have you been all our lives?

amusedPolish (via Twitter): Anything on Raising Hope? Raising Hope returns on Feb. 8, and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) sparks up a bromance with another single dad and puts the not-so-smooth moves on his new man friend. FYI, if you're confused by Virginia's (Martha Plimpton) newfound Spielberg tendencies in the Feb. 8 episode, wait until the Feb. 15 episode airs and then all will become clear. (The eps are seemingly being aired in a different order than the order in which they were written and filmed. Blah.)

Maggie: Anything on Modern Family?One of the V-Day eps we're most looking forward to is the Modern Family one, airing Feb. 9. Why? Well as Ty Burrell told us at a SAG Awards party, "Clive and Julianna make a return appearance--that was a lot of fun." In case you've forgotten, Clive and Julianna are Phil and Claire's (Julie Bowen) sex-date alter egos. And really, what does the photo above say to you but sex, sex, sex?

DirkGently: What can you tell us about Modern Family, aka TV's most reliably funny family sitcom in years?Jesse Tyler Ferguson spilled a little on the return of Pepper, telling us, "We have Nathan Lane coming back for a boy's night out that my dad crashes, which sounds hilarious. And then we have a really funny episode where Phil shrinkwraps his car for his real estate company and so Claire is driving around in a minivan that has her face all over the side of it. And I don't want to give away the joke but something really funny happens around that."

Vanessa: Can you hook a girl up with some Community scoop? Let's ask Gillian Jacobs! Gillian tells us of her character, "Oh Britta, it's always a mess. It's never good--I mean, it's just one humiliation after the other. The Valentine's Day episode is chock-full of humiliation. She's just turned into a wonderful target for all kinds of scorn and derision. I just take it with a smile." She also promised upcoming appearances by LeVar Burton as himself and Kevin Corrigan as Professor Professorson, as well as much of John Oliver as they can wrestle from the clutches of that dastardly Jon Stewart.

BrunetteNoel (via Twitter): Supernatural!This Friday's episode of Supernatural (preempted from last Friday) is destined to be a classic installment of the series. We're not supposed to divulge too much about the Sam stuff, but we can tell you that the best of Dean and Sam's brother dynamic is in play. Despite that fact that he's now a huge scary Sasquatch, we saw a lot of season-one Sam in Jared Padalecki's performance. Oh, and the Dean stuff is high-larious, as it involves a fight with a large rock. God bless Jensen Ackles for being able to deliver the silliness as well as the one-single-perfect-tear sentiment.

Xander: Anything on V and my girl Elizabeth Mitchell?Will you take some scoop on Morena Baccarin's Anna instead? We just caught up with her and she told us, "I think from episode to episode you don't get a break and we finally get to reveal all the stuff you've been waiting for us to reveal. Why are the V's here? What do we need? Why haven't we killed the humans yet and just taken over the planet? We obviously need the humans for something. You get to find all that out when you watch."

Beth in Birmingham, Ala.: Just curious what is up with Private Practice? It's one of my favorite shows and it seems like it has kind of disappeared. So sad!Don't be sad, Beth! P.P. is back this Thursday, and next week, Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) faces off with her rapist (Nicholas Brendon) when he's brought into the hospital. As it happens, in that episode, Charlotte and Sam (Taye Diggs) are tasked with overseeing Lee McHenry's care in what we'll call, well, an emergent health situation. (Cue shower scene sound effects from Psycho.) Check back soon for exclusive footage from the Private Practice set for this episode.

Kim: Anything on How I Met Your Mother? Cobie Smulders is dating Hank Azaria! OK, not exactly, but remember on Friends how Phoebe's scientist boyfriend played by Hank Azaria suddenly vanished from the scene due to a work assignment in Minsk? Robin's in a new relationship but she's splitting up with her guy for much the same reason. Except instead of the snowy wastes of Belarus, Robin's guy is headed for the snowy wastes of the North Pole. Same diff...right?

Bradyn: What's going on with Cougar Town? Take it away, Busy Philipps: "Wow, what isn't going on right now on Cougar Town? We're firmly in the middle of the second season, and we've been having a lot of fun. We're looking forward to the end of the season--there may be some surprises. There may be a special guest star by way of Nia Vardalos, Ian Gomez's wife. But it hasn't been written yet, so I don't know what she's going to play or when that's going to happen, but I know it's going to happen this year."

Jill in Edmonton, Alberta: Will Ben Mercer be back for season two of Covert Affairs? I'd love to see him as a regular character.We can grant at least half of your wish! Insiders tell us Eion Bailey will almost certainly return on a recurring basis for multiple episodes of Covert Affairs season two--but he probably won't be a full-time regular. Howevah, if you want more of Eion in your life, stay tuned to 30 Rock, as we're hearing he's set to do a guest role on that show in coming weeks. Yay!

Cheryl in Carol Stream, Ill.: Being Human is fabulous. It's funny and emotionally deep as well. Please give me some scoop or mention it, so it has a chance to succeed. Hells yeah! Being Human--with its vampire, werewolf and ghost--is a Monte Cristo sandwich of supernatural deliciousness. In tonight's Sally-centric episode, the brownstone's resident ghost gets a boost from the spirit world in the form of a droll mullet rocker (don't judge--dude died in the '80s) who teaches her to harness her paranormal powers. As show runners Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke told us, "So much of Sally's journey is about possessing more power and being able to do some things"--like leave the brownstone and haunt fianc Danny in his new digs. "It's a very empowering journey, [but] a spinning, topsy-turvy, dramatic journey."

Danielle in Philadelphia: My fianc and I are loving Lights Out. It's gotten so good and only three episodes in. I need to know something. What can you tell me about this season?You and your fianc have 10 more episodes of awesomeness ahead of you. Lights Out's first season is crackerjack and it completely pays off if you watch all the way through. Expect a batch of great episodes following a falling out between Patrick (Holt McCallany) and his dad (Stacy Keach), as Patrick goes to train with Ed Romeo (Eamonn Walker), a now-retired trainer who used to coach "Death Row" Reynolds (Billy Brown). Expect to learn a lot more about Reynolds' fascinating backstory and see what happens when Leary takes a totally different approach to training than the one espoused by his father.

Nina: Are things going to get better for Hank on Californication? Not quite yet, because guess who's back? Yup, the deeply troubled Mia (Madeline Zima) charges into Hank's life and is hanging out with her movie counterpart, actress Sasha Bingham (Addison Timlin). When Mia and Sasha not-so-innocently put the moves on Hank someone snaps an extremely damaging pic.

Shane in Sacramento: Is there anything juicy coming up for Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) on NCIS: L.A.? As a matter of fact there is! An insider tells us that NCIS: L.A. is currently filming an episode that has a major impact on the Kensi-Deeks partnership. Apparently, an unexpected moment causes Kensi to reevaluate what Deeks means to her. Ooh-la-la!

itsmylife695 (via Twitter): Anything new with the show Castle? Look for an upcoming Castle episode where a soap opera writer is murdered, very possibly by a crazy fan blogger who regularly uses her site to hate on the writers of said show.

--Reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Christina Dowling, Drusilla Moorhouse and Jenna Mullins

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