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Spoiler Chat: Dexter, Glee, House, Sons of Anarchy and More!

Shhh...Don't tell anyone but we're hearing some spoiler-tastic rumblings about the season finale of Dexter, some awesomeness on Sons of Anarchy, and the future of Darren Criss on Glee and Amber Tamblyn on House.
/ Source: E!online

Shhh...Don't tell anyone but we're hearing some spoiler-tastic rumblings about the season finale of Dexter, some awesomeness on Sons of Anarchy, and the future of Darren Criss on Glee and Amber Tamblyn on House.

Keep reading if you dare--and if you promise not to rat us out. Mwahahaha...

@nutripato (via Twitter): Kristin, I hate how boring Smallville has become since no Chloe's in it. In what episode is she going back?Are we watching the same show? Chloe fans of the world rejoice: Sources confirm Alison Mack will be back in episode 13, called "Collateral," airing in January. But trust me: There's some crazy good stuff happening before she returns, too. In oh, say, December. You don't want to miss a single ep!

gingerstarrett (via Twitter): I'm really hoping for Slapsgiving 3 on How I Met Your Mother this season. Do you think we will ever get the final slap from the slap bet?Oh we'll get it, all right. But the when, where and how will remain a mystery until the moment Marshall lays the smack down! Says a source close to the show: "That final slap will be the most slaptastic slap in the history of slap bets." Barney better be ready...

Karen: I'm a huge fan of Amber Tamblyn's character on House. How long will she be around?Tobias Funke's real-life ladylove will be around for "many" episodes. Amber's shot 13 episodes thus far, so it's a pretty big arc for her character, Martha Masters. And if you're digging M.M., you'll definitely dig this: "The [House producers] wanted to write a character for me, so I asked to do the character that is my best friend in real life," Amber tells us. "The character's named after her and is a med student and very similar to that character. So it was a fun homage to my best friend."

Cate: Any update on canceled shows like Lone Star and My Generation airing the remaining episodes?If there are any My Generation fans still bustling around out there (and based on ABC's superswift cancellation of the new fall series, we're not sure there are), Hulu and iTunes have picked up the remaining episodes and will begin airing them today. So if you're keeping track, ABC pulled My Gen after just two episodes, and you can now find up to episode six online. Unfortunately for Lone Star (RIP), there's no news on the leftover eps. Wah, waaaaah.

Darren: The engagement you've been spoiling is so obvious now. Just come right out and say it's Chuck and Blair!You'll get the final answer on Wednesday morning as planned/promised. Some of you will be surprised, while others of you have already seen the light. Thanks for playing and for your patience! It's been fun.

Sadie: Any Dexter scoop? Will it get good again?A little birdie told me they have another "doozy" planned for the end of the season--the kind that will have everyone talking, la the bathtub. My source told me it's a good payoff and then I couldn't really hear anything above the buzzing in my ears. Be forewarned.

Penny: Dexter. Now. Please.We know you're probably a little freaked after the end of last night's episode--ya know, because Peter Weller's corrupt cop Liddy saw Dex and Lumen dump a body! But fret not...yet...because Quinn is falling pretty hard for Deb and is going to make sure he takes care of her. And Dexter might just catch on to the fact that someone is on to him for a change.

Day: Is Julia Stiles' Dexter character only set to appear in one season, or is there a possibility of her sticking around in the future?Sorry, but it's just too soon to reveal something that juicy. If we told you that, it may ruin the rest of the season...What we can say is that Julia Stiles is in every one of the season's remaining episodes and plays a pivotal part in Dexter's life up until the very end. So stay tuned for now, and as the season nears its end, the answer to your question will become a little clearer.

@Dexdeb (via Twitter): Is Dexter is signed for a season six?Dexter boss Chip Johannesson tells us that "there's no official word," but with the end of season five upon us, expect an announcement from Showtime sometime soon. And if Dexter does receive a sixth season, as expected, Chip says the format of this season ( la no big bad) would likely change. "Season six would definitely not look like it did this year because the events are all different," the show runner explains.

Tenley: How long is Juliet going to be messing things up for everyone on Gossip Girl?This week's masquerade (you know, the one where Little J, Juliet and V team up to take down Serena) is not the last we'll see of the troubled Juliet (Katie Cassidy). She'll be around through the holidays, and there will be many more face-to-face moments between the schemer and the Gossip Girl crew. Maybe we should hope for a holiday miracle that she'll see the error of her ways and turn nice? Nahhh...naughty is more fun.

Patrick: Anything on 90210?Dixon and Ivy are dunzo for now, but in the coming weeks, the surfer chick will have a near-death crash in the ocean and that adorable her ex-boyfriend of hers turns all knight in shining amour and saves her life. Maybe they'll rekindle the romance sooner than later?

Jenna: Darren Criss is perfection. Please tell me they've made him a series regular on Glee!Ask and ye shall receive. According to an interview today, Darren Criss is officially a regular ol' Glee kid now. (Can you hear the Hallelujah choir singing?!) "Darren has become such a sensation in one week, which I love," Ryan Murphy told the site. "I think there's a hunger for him and a positive relationship role model. He'll definitely continue through the year and longer. We just signed a deal with him, so I don't know." And just to double check, they specifically asked Ryan if Darren would be on for the rest of this season and the next, and Mr. M said "yes." As for whether Blaine will be Kurt's boyfriend, jury's still out, but I'd bet my pony on it.

Jenny: When are we going to see Jessalyn Gilsig back on Glee? I miss her!We're right there with ya, but Terri Schuester will be back in the Glee fold soon enough, and get this--she may no longer be pining over Will! "Terri's going to develop a new relationship in a way that expected," Jessalyn tells us. "You're going to see her raw emotion and her pain a little bit more. She's really trying to [show a] softer side, and to see obviously what she did [in season one] was wrong."

Brandon: I want more Elizabeth Banks of 30 Rock. Tell me we'll see lots of her!You'll definitely see more. "Avery Jessup's going to have a baby [at] some point," she tells us. "And I can't wait to give birth. On film." But for now, Avery isn't ready to reveal her preggo secret to her Fox News-like counterparts. "I've been holding some very ridiculous props in front of my ridiculous prop belly to try and prevent people from knowing that I'm pregnant on the show." Coming soon to the E! News set: The backyard fence from Home Improvement.

Adam: Community keeps getting better and better. What's coming up?Two words: Blanket. Fort. Thanks to the genius of Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi), Greendale may actually become home to the biggest blanket fort ever created. Come on, don't act like you're not impressed.

Travis: Thanks for the Parks and Recreation scoop! Any fun stuff coming up on season three?When P-Rex returns, Tom (Aziz Ansari) will still have his adorable galpal Lucy, but the fact that Ron (Nick Offerman) is now dating his ex-wife is going to drive him cray-cray, and push his new, healthy, happy relationship way into the background. C'mon, Tom, get with it!

Kelly: Anything on The Office?If you've been missing a little HRG in your life, you've got to watch The Office this week because it marks the return of Heroes' Jack Coleman (who also just appeard on House) to your television sets. After soliciting money from the Dunder Mifflin family for the "fire guy's" startup internet company, Ryan and Michael may be in some serious trouble. Enter Jack as a government official. Dun-dun-dun!

Ben: What's coming up on my favorite show, Modern Family?When manly little Manny's birthday comes around, the poor kid can't enjoy a thing (or awesome Christmas Story-esqe gift from Jay) once he realizes that he's never really had a childhood. Expect a pint-size, adorably sweet "mini-life" crisis from the kiddo. Also, Phil may be a racist. Or he's really just that clueless.

Gail: I'm so glad you guys love Cougar Town as much as I do. Any scoop on what's ahead?Musical numbers abound in this week's Cougar Town (hell to the yes!) when Travis brings home his new grad student girlfriend and the guys of the Cul de Sac crew think it's all kinds of awesome that little T is dating an older chick (but impart some musical wisdom). The new girl also garners a sing-songy welcome from Jules and the gang. In less musical news, Cougar boss Kevin Biegel tells us Laurie's ex Smith (Ryan Devlin, who's now on Brothers & Sisters) is always welcome back on the show. "Once someone exists in the world, they exist in the world," he says. "If there's a next year for Cougar Town, he can definitely show up next year. Maybe Laurie will be in a different place, but I totally think he's someone who could pop up again." Who wants to see Busy Phillips fight Calista Flockhart for him?

Georgina: Any scoop on Badly Titled Cougar Town? I love those folks.Know any adorable brown-haired tap-dancing 12-year-old boys? Cougar Town is looking for a young Grayson to perform a little shuffle-ball-change at a flashback dance recital. Awww...

Francesca: Saw on Twitter you are on the set of No Ordinary Family today. Got any scoop?Video interviews coming soon, but for now: There's definitely something cool and unexpected in the works for Rebecca Mader's character. (Newsflash: I still love her and she still loves Josh Holloway. Holler!) Also, we will learn soon that the powers are temporary and there is something specific that can take them away. (Other than the show being canceled--and I'm told there's no danger of that.) And Katie (Autumn Reeser) is gonna be up for a promotion very soon--one that is suspicious.

Joyce: Anything fun on How I Met Your Mother?Hurley is finally here! Jorge Garcia's How I Met Your Mother fun starts on Thanksgiving, and guess what? He's got another awesome name to go by: The Blitz. Sadly (or maybe not so sadly since she may in fact be "the mother"), The Blitz' appearance forces Ted to spend a friendless holiday with nemesis/crush, Zoey (Jennifer Morrison). Can these two just hook up already?

@ghostflower7 (via Twitter): Will we see Devon Sawa back on Nikita? He was amazing.Praise jebus, Devon Sawa will return to Nikita! Poor Owen is going make a little mess of things and the awesomeness that is Nikita (Maggie Q) will step in to help him sort things out.

giurodrigues (via Twitter): Can you tell something about Hellcats?This show is getting so good, right? This week is a huge episode for Hellcats, but we're most excited about the squad's ginormous dance number to Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World." It is phenomenal, and what else would you expect from the episode directed by the legendary Ms. Debbie Allen. Just be ready to bob around on your couch once the Hellcats start to shake it on screen--it's that much fun!

Catherine in Escalon, Calif.: Kristin, I loved the new episode of Psych! I peed when Shawn and Juliet were making-out all over the place. Do you have any information about what the rest of the season has to offer?Keep your Depends on, because Psych has much more excitement in store besides Shawn and Juliet's coupling. Stars James Roday and Dul Hill told us, "We find out who Mr. Yin is" in the season finale, which sees the return of Ally Sheedy. Also guesting this season is the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio (in a Police Academy-themed episode) and The Cosby Show's Rudy Huxtable, Keisha Knight Pulliam. Roday calls Psych's Christmas episode, which he directed, a "bizarro take on It's a Wonderful Life" and promises, "You'll see characters you've learned to grow and love in ways you've never seen them before." And don't forget about the Twin Peaks episode airing Dec. 1!

Beth: I know it's still early, but anything you've got on the new season of Nurse Jackie would be great!Brace yourselves, Dr. Cooper lovers, because Nurse Jackie's Peter Facinelli tells us it's a long, hard road for his character this season. "This year, Coop goes through quite a depression," he says. "Which is sad for him. I feel bad. Some tragic things happen in his life, but Coop's [normally] so happy-go-lucky. I hate seeing him in such a slump, but hopefully he'll pull out of it. I'm shooting episode eight so I'm waiting for him to pull out of this funk."

Ethan in Chicago: The Walking Dead is badass, but these cliffhangers are killing me. Is the gang going to find Merle next week?What's left of him, you mean? We don't see Merle (Michael Rooker) next week, but his relic on the roof comes in handy (sorry) when the crew is jumped by another gang of survivors. The handcuffs come out again to stop Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) and his shovel from digging up the entire camp in some kind of psychotic break, but Shane (Jon Bernthal) frees him (with both hands intact!) when Jim comes to his senses. You should know by now not to become too attached to limbs and characters on The Walking Dead, because by the end of next week more than one of the stars will be buried in Jim's holes. (Have some Kleenex ready.)

Jim: Is SAMCRO ever going to find Abel on Sons of Anarchy?Yes, but only because fierce mama grizzly Gemma finally takes charge and shows--once again--that she's got more balls and brains than all of SAMCRO combined. After seasons of indecisiveness, Hamlet Jax chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice for his son--but another failure to act results in more Ireland. Back in Charming, Jax's other fierce mama, Tara, attacks her captors while Tig & Co. bungle another attempt to free her. Maybe this show should be called Daughters of Anarchy?

@Bmorekitten (via Twitter): What's next for Donnie Wahlberg on Blue Bloods? Any chance we'll get a flashback about his relationship with his brother Joe?Sorry, sources close to the show tell us there are no plans for a Danny-Joe flashback. But stay tuned if you're loving the late-brother's storyline because Blue Bloods will uncover more about Joe soon.

Melanie: I love Lie to Me! Got any scoop?In an upcoming episode Emily runs into a little problem. Literally. She hits a woman with her car! Don't worry, Cal comes to help his daughter and ends up investigating the unlucky pedestrian with early-onset Alzheimer's. He soon finds out that her fractured memories may hide a very dark past.

Melina: Any scoop on Royal Pains or White Collar? I miss my boys of summer.Royal Pains show runner Michael Rauch tells us of Anastasia Griffith's Dr. Emily Peck character, "We'll see Emily throughout these final six episodes of season two. Medically and romantically." And does the season end with a cliffhanger? "We always end on a cliffhanger." Will someone die? "No one ever dies."

Kate in Ann Arbor, Mich.: I miss The Closer! Got any scoop? Thank yeeeew!Major Crimes takes a big hit when The Closer returns to TNT on Dec. 6, which focuses on a violent attack on one of their own. Never fear--Brenda Lee Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) & Co. and a suddenly, suspiciously sweet Capt. Raydor (Mary McDonnell)--exact their own brand of justice. And while Brenda didn't get the job as Chief of Police, a bigger office (and a larger candy drawer!) might be in her future.

--Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Megan Masters, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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