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Spoiler Chat: Is Callie Moving On? Will Chloe Return? What's Next for Dex?

Why was Sandra Oh just spotted with Patrick Dempsey (and a camera crew) in a gorgeous mountain retreat town? And...whoa! What's with the live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries? Should Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev be getting rabies shots?
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Why was Sandra Oh just spotted with Patrick Dempsey (and a camera crew) in a gorgeous mountain retreat town? And...whoa! What's with the live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries? Should Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev be getting rabies shots?

We have the latest scoop on the hottest shows as we dig into your burning fan questions...

@TitiHM (via Twitter): What's up with Chuck and Blair!? Are they getting together for good or just as enemies with benefits?What does this new photo tell you? I don't see a lot of hate in this "hate-sex" pairing, do you?

Kollej (Via Twitter): Dexter scoop please. Deb is in deep doo-doo after last night's Santa Muerte club shootout, and she is reassigned to--gasp!--the file room. Luckily she catches a bit of a break when the new gig opens up a whole new world of evidence in the "Barrel Girl" case, as it becomes known. Unfortunately, this proves unlucky for Dexter and more importantly, Lumen.

Tina: Any scoop on House?Next week's episode launches with Hugh Laurie-as-House calling up the Centers for Disease Control and asking, in his best Valley-girl-accent, "Hi! I'm a screenwriter. Could smallpox theoretically survive undersea for 200 years in a closed container." The answer is, "Well, theoretically, yes, but..." And with that House hangs up and begins to face the possibility that smallpox has risen from the dead to kill again. (Zombies are everywhere--even zombie diseases!) The episode is completely freaky and great and has a wonderful claustrophobic horror movie feel.

Carol: Any scoop on 30 Rock? Last week's episode was awesome.Move over Rip Torn, Jack Donaghy is getting a new boss! 30 Rock producers are looking to cast a jolly John Candy type to play the CEO of Kabletown. We hear this guy is known as a "family man," which makes us wonder if he meddles in Jack's relationship with baby mama Avery.

@Stacie23 (via Twitter): What's up with Calzona (Callie &Arizona)?The bad news is that it looks like Callie got a "wash that girl right outta my hair" new haircut and she's giving her number to a cute redhead. Eek! That screams "moving on" if anything ever did. But the good news is that boss Shonda Rhimes has your back. She tweeted last week, "Calzonas: stop stressing, sweeties. I wanted to give these two an incredible painful and wonderful journey this season. Hang in there." Phew!

@agusandy via Twitter: When will Cristina get her groove back in Grey's? PS: I love you. I love you too! (Though Mom, I wish you'd stop coming up with other aliases on Twitter.) Cristina is on the road to recovery, but it won't be lickety-split (at least another month), so give it a little time. Now, sighting alert: Sources tell me Sandra Oh is in Big Bear, Calif. (pretty little mountain/lake community outside of Los Angeles) right now shooting some scenes with Patrick Dempseyfor an upcoming episode in which they will go fishing. Derek takes her up there to "get away from it all." So Type-A Cristina is certainly doing some grade-A relaxation/healing--or trying to. The fishing ep will air Dec. 2. And that's the same episode in which Scott Foley will play a terminal patient, so it sounds like a must see. And must bring hanky.

@shinygilmore (via Twitter): if you have anything on the good wife that would be great. i wanna know where the show is heading.The show is heading toward Awesometown on a bus driven by Michael J. Fox. If you haven't seen it yet, you must check out this clip of his first appearance on The Good Wife, starting tomorrow night.

Brower: Anything on Glee would be epic, especially Wemma! Just met up with Jayma Mays and grilled her about all things Wemma/Karmal/Wyneth. (In plain English, that means she talked about her love triangle between John Stamos and Matthew Morrison, and Gwyneth Paltrow coming on the show as a fourth wheel.) Check back tomorrow for the video/scoop from that. But in the meantime I should tell you that the latest Glee mashup couple name is actually "Krayma" because she's all kinds of adorableness dipped in sugar and I have an official girl crush.

Julia: Kristin, are they planning a Glee episode for Nov. 30? We know the title for everything else airing this year but the one that's supposedly happening Nov. 30... There will be an episode but the reason it's a "mystery" is because they're still working on the script!

Betty: Anything good coming up on The Vampire Diaries?Mystic Fallsians better brace themselves because those werewolves, they are a-comin'! Thanks to a fun tweet from Katerina Graham this morning, we now know that the set peeps over at TVD need a lesson in grammar/spelling, and we our hear for them. More importantly though, there is a full moon ahead because there are live wolves on the set of The Vampire Diaries today--scary. Do you think there are more wolves in MF than we've been led to believe, or does this just mean that Tyler has turned?

Franklin: Will Bonnie and Damon be getting it on soon on Vampire Diaries?Bonnie will be cozying up to the guy we have a photo of right here: Bryton James, who is playing a new love interest for her, by the name of Luka. He knows all about her powers and isn't afraid of them, because his history-professor father told him all about the Salem witches. But Luka also has a secret. What do you think...These two look like a good match?

Alicia: Anything on Sons of Anarchy?There's a torture scene early in tomorrow night's Sons of Anarchy episode that's pretty hard to watch, but you won't actually vomit until halfway through the episode. There is apparently no limit to Kurt Sutter's depravity, and maybe that's why we love him. Meanwhile, Tara reveals how she really feels about being pregnant with Jax's baby...

@shaneMD (via Twitter): Are the alternate universe characters in Fringe going to be around for a while? Love having Kirk Acevedo back on the show.As show runner Jeff Pinkner told us, "The next suite of episodes the question is "Will Olivia figure out who she is, and manage to get back to her home--and will our team discover the truth about the other universe's Olivia in time?' " But even once the jig is up, they won't close the book on the alt-universe completely. They're talking about bringing back alt-universe characters like Peter's mom, Fauxlivia's mom and maybe even introducing alt-Nina, so it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of Scarlie and Linc. BTW, did you hear that Kirk killed the NYC marathon! He ran it in about three hours, a time about which Dru (Team WWK's Sporty Spice) noted: "Jesus, that is super fast."

@charlottexoxo (Via Twitter): Hellcats please! A lot of you guys have been asking about Marti and Dan, and whether they will hook up. My sources say: Yes!

Trevor: I love The Walking Dead! Tell me you have something to tease!Daddy's coming home--and soon. The reunion between Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) happens next week and boy, is it awkward. Sure, everyone is happy Rick's home, but, um, Lori's been sleeping with his best friend Shane (Jon Bernthal), which makes for a bittersweet homecoming. And even though Shane might seem pretty shady, Jon says don't judge: "What's such a joy about playing this guy is that one week I will come off [like a jerk] and the next week hopefully redeem myself," he told us at The Walking Dead premiere in Los Angeles. "I definitely don't feel Shane is a bad guy at all."

Michael: Anything about Chloe on Smallville? Enough about Clois! Will Chloe be back at all before 2011? Per a good source: Chloe will not be back at all in 2010. Sorry!

Jamie: Mitch and Cam are my favorites on TV. Anything funny coming up for these two on Modern Family?Sure, Cameron's the ar-tist of the family (as demonstrated last week with little Lily and her commercial), but Mitchell has some smooth moves, too, and we'll soon have the treat of watching him break it down in a very public place with a very public dance all in the name of love!

Sarah: I know it's still a ways away, but what's happening with season three of United States of Tara?Season three of United States of Tara finds poor Kate (Brie Larson) continuing to find her place in the world--and this time that journey brings her straight to painful world of flight attendant training. (FYI, her experiences here will make you feel all sorts of sorry for that infamous Jet Blue guy, Steven Slater.)

Sid: Stoked that Southland is returning in 2011. What can we look forward to from the best cop show on TV?Well, it's definitely better than Law &Order: Los Angeles, we'll give you that! In the third episode back, we'll learn more about Ben Sherman's (Ben McKenzie) crappy (albeit privileged) childhood, including the traumatic crime that made him want to be a cop in the first place.

Janice: Can you tell us anything else about Teddy coming out on 90210?If you're ready to see some lovin' between Teddy and Ian, the wait is almost over! The two will finally kiss in the next few weeks, and guess what? Teddy is the one who initiates the sweet smooch!

Kyle: 90210 is so good! What's coming up?After tonight's Joe Jonas dating debut, Adriana is going to turn diva--and fast! In a matter of weeks, this former West Bever will have a mansion of her own and that now-controlling manager Victor will be at her mercy. Gasp! You may even feel sorry for the baddie. Plus, those extra sparky-sparks you've been seeing between Silver and Navid in Adriana's absence are about to explode is a hookup that will shake things up for everyone.

Bethany: If Life Unexpected doesn't come back beyond the 13 episodes, will every storyline be wrapped up? Specifically the story between Ryan and Julia that was introduced in the premiere?LUX boss Liz Tigelaar promises that "every single thing we've set up in the course of this season will be fulfilled." That said, The Ryan-Julia storyline certainly won't be as fleshed out as originally planned, but fans will be pleased. "We can't do everything that we had planned on doing, but I want to make it great," Liz tells us. "If this is the end of the series, it's going to be just like the beginning of the series--filled with a lot of hope. It's just complicated and you get places in ways you didn't expect.

Jessie: Community scoop, please.If you're itching for more Jeff-Annie goodness on Community, get excited! There's going to be some good ol' fashioned silliness between the two in then next few episodes. This week, Annie loses her favorite pen (the horror!) and locks the gang in the study room while Jeff leads the writing utensil investigation. And next week, the two go on the hunt for a fictional Greendale professor, named Professor Professorson, duh!

Alexia: Marcia Gay Harden is always too amazing on Law &Order: SVU. What can we expect from her return this week?Dana Lewis is back on Law &Order: SVU in all her glory, but one thing has changed: She's gone a teensy bit rogue and is now a rape victim. Says Marcia Gay Harden: "Dana is investigating terrorism and in the process she has something terrible happen to her that throws everything off." So what else can she do but go to Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) for help. "She's the same sassy, bright, tough person you've met before, [but they've] 3D'd her," Marcia tells us. Dana's even got a motorcycle this time around!

Donna: Anything on CSI Miami?Eva La Rue gave us the goods on the episode David Arquette is directing: "The episode is about mistaken identity and people meeting each other on the internet and a woman posing as a young girl trying to catch child predators, but then there's a real twist on that story as well and it ends up being a mistaken identity. We're really looking forward to having David on set!"

Brynn: Parenthood, please.We'll continue to learn more about Haddie's new crush, community service kid Alex (Michael B. Jordan), particularly when the Braverman gal heads to his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Rick: I love Grayson and Jules, but I need me some Bobby scoop on Cougar Town!Then Bobby scoop you shall receive. Cougar Town show runner Kevin Biegel tells us there are some huge things ahead for the half-hillbilly. "The next thing to do with Bobby is to see if he can gain a little bit of pride," says Kevin. "He used to be a professional golfer for two seconds--what if Bobby got his life back in shape? So, eventually Bobby's going to try and get back on the pro-golf tour. Whether he's successful or not remains to be seen, but that's what we're going to pursue later on in the season." Translation: More Bobby hilarity will ensue.

Ned: Loved all your video interviews with The Event cast! Wondering what you can tell us about Hal Holbrook?Sanks! According to Jason Ritter (and when he speaks, you should listen), "everything changes" when Hal's character comes on board. We have a sneak peek photo of Hal above, and as you can see he's totally linked to Vicky--in fact, he's the big bad baddie pulling all her strings. (See, Vicky's not fully evil, she's just misunderstood! Maybe.) Hal's character Dempsey will be calling the orders for Vicki, and going after Leila and Sean in coming weeks.

theBiancaCruz (via Twitter): Psych. Pleaseeee. We told you last week that Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and Shawn (James Roday) finally hook up in Wednesday's all-new episode of Psych! And James himself told us today: "We decided five years of will-they-or-won't-they was enough." Look for resolution of another sort in the Yin-Yang trilogy season finale (guest starring Mena Suvari and of course Ally Sheedy). James told us that "everything comes out in the wash...and you get another dose of Jimmi (Simpson)." ...Are they resurrecting the murdered Mary Lightly?! Meanwhile, mark your calendars for the Twin Peaks tribute episode (Dec. 1), in which seven of the original T.P. castmembers reunite in "Dual Spires." The ep is cowritten by T.P. "fanboy" James himself: "Twin Peaks is my favorite show of all time," he gushed to us today, and to "pretend I was in an episode was unbelievable."

Tara: So what happens to Charlotte on Private Practice? How does she go on after the rape?In the next ep, we see Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) retrieving a key from inside a potted plant--you know, the key to the drawer where she hid her panties in after she regained consciousness? Looks like she's not going to wait quietly for the cops to figure out who attacked her...

--Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow, Megan Masters and Drusilla Moorhouse

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