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Spoiler Alert: Who's Getting Engaged? Here Is Your Final Answer!

Our TV engagement spoiler game is coming to an end. Right here. Right now.
/ Source: E!online

Our TV engagement spoiler game is coming to an end. Right here. Right now.

Want to know which power couple pictured above is putting a ring on it soon? As promised, here is the final reveal:

Lois and Clark on Smallville!

Smallville fans are you shocked or are you SHOCKED?!!?

I kid, of course, because anyone who saw Friday's episode knows that Clark already has an engagement ring in his hot little hands, and newsflash: I can confirm to you that he totally will put a ring on it.

Oh yeah, and the big bosses can confirm it too. (Just in case you think they know more about their own show than we do.)

"It goes kind of where people are expecting it to go," executive producer Kelly Souders promises you fans. "And it'll happen in the next three episodes."

And that's all the timing you are getting, so guess what? You'll have to watch this show each and every Friday! (Lucky you.)

Sources in the know tell me the engagement scene is a pretty amazing payoff for "Clois" fans (bring a hanky!). But will it be as out-of-this-world swoon-worthy as Clois' barn scene in the 200th episode?

"That's hard to top," executive producer Brian Peterson admits. But Souders is hopeful. "We're trying. We're giving it the old Smallville try. It's a pretty romantic moment."

As for whether there will be an actual wedding before Smallville signs off its 10th and (presumably) final season, Peterson said "it's too soon to be able to answer that one, one way or another."

I smell another spoileriffic guessing game on the way...


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