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Spider-Man Total Coverage: So Long, Mary Jane

We've been obsessing over this Spider-Man reboot, directed by Marc Webb, starring Andrew Garfield and due July 2012. So here's all the lasting casting news and scoop:
/ Source: E!online

We've been obsessing over this Spider-Man reboot, directed by Marc Webb, starring Andrew Garfield and due July 2012. So here's all the lasting casting news and scoop:

Our Hero Won't Be Saving Mary Jane Watson (Nov. 5, 2010): After some initial confusion, it was revealed that Emma Stone would not be playing the beloved leading lady. Instead, she'd be playing Gwen Stacy. Of course, this resulted in speculation as to what role she'd be playing in the reboot. The answer: none. It's been revealed that Mary Jane is not and never was featured in writer James Vanderbilt's screenplay. Guess Gwen won't have to worry about any competition.

Martin Sheen Cast as Uncle Ben (Nov. 4, 2010): For once a Sheen family member other than Charlie is making the news. The former West Wing president signs on to play our hero Peter Parker's uncle in the upcoming reboot.

Spider-Man Will Battle The Lizard (Oct. 13, 2010): The Spider-Man reboot finally gets its villain. After 48 hours of speculation following the announcement that Rhys Ifans would be the actor going head-to-head with our webbed hero, it's announce that he'll be portraying Dr. Curt Connors, aka The Lizard, a scientist who ingested some experimental reptile serum. Aside from turning him in a reptile, it kinda made him mad, too.

Rhys Ifans Cast as the Spidey Villain (Oct. 11, 2010): Much wondering and online guessing is finally put to rest when it's announced that British actory Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) has been cast to battle Spidey on the big screen.

Emma Stone Cast as Gwen Stacy (Oct. 5, 2010): Who is Spider-Man's true love? Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy? It's a debate that's been going on in the comic world for years. Seems the filmmakers wanted to reignite the controversy and announced that Gwen would be our superhero's ladylove for the film's reboot.

Emma Stone Confirmed as Love Interest (Oct. 4, 2010): Fresh off her star turn in Easy A, this proved that Stone's Hollywood star is rising. Immediately, the speculation began as to who she'd play. Naturally, people immediately jumped to the Mary Jane Watson conclusion, but not so fast...

Spider-Man Is in the Building (July 1, 2010): With Tobey Maguire no longer set to don the red and blue Spidey suit, the filmmakers announce that British newcomer Andrew Garfield will be taking up the webbed mantle. Despite his unknown status at the time of the announcement, Garfield quickly proved himself a capable actor, appearing in the acclaimed Never Let Me Go and as Mark Zuckerberg's business parter, Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network.

Spidey Will Be in 3-D (Feb. 10, 2010): RIght in line with the trend toward three-dimensional viewing experiences, Sony, the studio behind the reboot announces that "Spider-Man is the ultimate summer moviegoing experience, and we're thrilled the filmmakers are presenting the next installment in 3-D." The question arises though: Will 3-D still be as popular as it is today when Spidey htis theaters in 2012? Or will the fad have fizzled by that time?

Marc Webb Comes Aboard as New Director (Jan., 19, 2010): When you're in the market for a director and you've planned a huge, CGI-filled action extravaganza, who do you turn to? You go with the guy who directed (500) Days of Summer and an episode of The Office, naturally. We aren't saying Webb isn't up for the job. It's just that previous director Sam Raimi's earlier three installments are going to be some tough shoes to fill.

Spider-Man 4 Is No More (January 2010): Though rumors had been swirling for ages about how the fourth installment would take shape, seemingly out of the blue, it's announced that none of the previous cast, Tobey Maguire, James Franco and Kirsten Dunst would be involved in the fourth movie. Even director Sam Raimi, the guiding force behind the movies wouldn't be returning. Instead, fans are told to expect a complete reboot of the beloved superhero franchise.

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