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Spencer admits he started sex tape rumor

“We actually have it on tape,” Lauren Conrad told the filled room of fans. “(Spencer) takes responsibility and apologizes for it.”
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The truth behind the Lauren Conrad sex-tape rumor heard round “The Hills” has finally surfaced.

At “The Hills” panel at PaleyFest09 in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, Conrad revealed that Spencer Pratt, the fiancé of her ex-BFF, Heidi Montag, admitted he started the rumor that she recorded an intimate video with former boyfriend, Jason Wahler. And Pratt’s admission about the tape — which does not exist — may possibly be in a future “Hills” episode.

“We actually have it on tape,” Conrad told the filled room of fans. “(Spencer) takes responsibility and apologizes for it.”

“Sorry! Spoiler!” Conrad quickly added, laughing.

Rumors of a sex tape first surfaced in between filming season two and three of “The Hills,” sparking a feud between Conrad and Montag. While Conrad always believed that Pratt and Montag were behind it, they denied any involvement.

In one of the episodes after the rumor began, Montag told Conrad’s friend, Jen Bunny, that Brody Jenner was responsible for the ugly gossip. And last night, Jenner had his say on the issue.

“It was just so messed up that there was no fixing and they were just trying to dig their way out of this grave they dug themselves in,” Jenner explained. “They knew they had spread the rumors… they were plotting and scheming to point the fingers at everybody else when everybody knew it was them who did it. There was no way of getting out of it. I think that was their desperate measure of trying to get out of it.”