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Spears regrets allowing case to go to trial

It took until last Friday for her to come to the realization, but Britney Spears regrets allowing her misdemeanor charge for driving without a license to go to trial, according to a source close to the singer.
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It took until last Friday for her to come to the realization, but Britney Spears regrets allowing her misdemeanor charge for driving without a license to go to trial, according to a source close to the singer.

“For so long she wouldn’t take anyone’s advice, she had to be right about everything,” said the source. “Once the jury started deliberating Friday, it became clear to her that maybe she should have let this one go and not fight this case.”

Jurors in the case told a judge Monday that they couldn’t come to a decision about the misdemeanor charge, which stems from an Aug. 6 fender bender where Spears was found to be carrying a Louisiana driver’s license instead of a California license, as required by law, according to prosecutors. If Spears is found guilty, she faces a maximum of six months in jail and $1,000 fine.

“I guess it’s a good sign that she’s continuing to get better, that she’s concerned about the outcome. Before she really didn’t think about consequences, hopefully things will work out because if they don’t this could set her back,” the source said.

The L.A. Times reports that judge on the case, James Steel, ordered the jury to resume deliberations.

Palin behind the scenes at ‘Saturday Night Live’Much has been said about Sarah Palin’s performance on “Saturday Night Live,” in which she seemed more of an observer of the sketches rather than a participant, but her co-star in the opening sketch, Alec Baldwin, has spoken out in defense of Palin’s appearance.

On his Huffington Post blog post, Baldwin said, “When you come on a show like that, you are prepared in advance to get worked over. Palin knew that. Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious. (More so than some of the famous actors who come through there, believe me.)”

Other sources close to the show confirm Palin was a good sport, but during rehearsals, “there was definitely a little bit of awkwardness. (‘SNL’) is always welcoming to any guest, but I mean really, the show’s been pretty rough on her.”

Paris Hilton in ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’
Say what you will about Paris Hilton, the woman does work hard. Hilton next appears is “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” a rock musical about a worldwide epidemic that inspires a biotech company to launch an organ-financing program, but if you don’t pay up, the company comes to repossess the organs. Hilton plays one of the lead roles. The director, Darren Lynn Bousman, says he chose Hilton for the role because he needed “someone who could play sexy, play hot, and sing the songs.” Check it out here. "Repo" opens in select cities Nov. 7.

‘In Treatment’ casts new patients

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

As an unabashed fan of HBO’s “In Treatment” (even if Blair Underwood was totally snubbed for an Emmy nod for his performance during the show’s first season. Perhaps there’s a chance for a Golden Globe?), I’m happy to report that two new patients have been cast for the show’s second season. John Mahoney of “Frasier” fame will play Bill, a CEO who “finds life getting away from him,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, and Hope Davis will play Mira, a malpractice lawyer and former patient of Dr. Paul Weston, the show’s main character, played by Gabriel Byrne. “In Treatment” returns next year.

Celebrity sightingsIn New York City, Leighton Meester, Brooke Shields, James Gandolfini and Chris Meloni and their families celebrated Halloween early at the Oct. 19 Dream Halloween event for Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. On Oct. 16, Jason Biggs, Juliette Lewis and Alan Cummings took in the Racounteurs concert at the T-Mobile G1 launch at Skylight Studio. “30 Rock” star Jane Krakowski was spotted in the Grey Goose VIP area at the New York Public Library during the Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards Oct. 15. And on Oct. 11, “Ugly Betty" star Eric Mabius was spotted dining at Kobe Club with friends. Down the road in Atlantic City were “Hills” stars Brody Jenner and Doug Reinhardt at Mur.Mur at the Borgata Casino and Spa on Oct. 18. And further south in Miami, rapper Ludacris spent more than 30 minutes signing autographs for fans outside the Hotel Catalina on Oct. 3.

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