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Speak of the devil! New 'Constantine' trailer packs hellish excitement

Vengeful demons, mass destruction, and lots and lots of fire: Those are just some of the elements viewers can expect of “Constantine,” NBC’s new supernatural thriller series based on the comic book hit “Hellblazer.”

A heart-thumping trailer released Sunday offers the first look at John Constantine (Matt Ryan), a retired occult investigator who’s dragged back into the biz when a departed friend’s daughter — Liv Aberdine, played by Lucy Griffiths — develops a “second sight” and is hounded by dark forces.

With dry British wit, Constantine tries to convince Liv that her terrifying visions spell danger for our world. She refuses his offer to help — until her deceased grandmother pays a visit and putrefies before her eyes.

“You’re waking up. You’re seeing the world for what it really is,” Constantine tells Liv. Later he warns, “Now that you can see those things, they can see you — and they don’t like to be seen.”

If the trailer’s 2 million-plus YouTube hits are any indication, plenty of fans will be watching anyway.

Constantine will air Fridays this fall on NBC at 10 p.m.