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'South Park' misses first deadline in 17 seasons because of blackout

"South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker got caught in the dark.

Oh my God! They killed — the lights! On Tuesday, a blackout plunged the Los Angeles-based South Park Studios into darkness, preventing this week's show from being completed — which meant for the first time in its 17-season history, the series was unable to turn in a fresh episode of "South Park" on time.

Trey Parker (co-creator of "South Park" with Matt Stone) wrote on the studio's website: "It sucks to miss an air date but after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess it was bound to happen."

The animators are known for cutting their deadlines close; they usually turn in episodes to Comedy Central with less than 24 hours before they air for the first time. The delay of a blackout meant the final touches couldn't be made to Episode 1704, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers," so Comedy Central had to run an encore presentation of "Scott Tenorman Must Die."

"Posers" will air next Wednesday, Oct. 23, but here's a clip (includes some bleeped-out vulgarity)!

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