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‘South Park’ gets away with grossness

Creators say recent shows couldn’t have been aired back in 1997
/ Source: The Associated Press

“South Park” has gotten grosser over the years — but its creators are getting away with it.

Hardly anyone raised an eyebrow five years ago when the animated show depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, co-creator Trey Parker told Time magazine.

“We created a brand for ourselves, so that now people can’t get mad at what we do, because then they’re just making fun of themselves,” said Parker, 36, as the show heads into its 10th season.

The first season was much tamer than shows of late, co-creator Matt Stone, 34, told Time.

“None of the shows we’ve done in the last two or three seasons could have been shown on air back in 1997,” he said, Times reports in its issue hitting newsstands Monday.

Over the years, Stone and Parker have reached beyond their cartoon comfort zone to work on projects including the sitcom “That’s My Bush!” and the movie “Team America: World Police.” Another movie is unlikely, they said.

“We have a hungry baby we have to feed,” Stone said. “’South Park’ takes every idea.”