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'South Park' creators respond to fan freakout

Shortly after “South Park’s” midseason finale aired last week, fans (and many television critics) predicted that the end was near for the long-running series. After all, a cynical episode framed around the notion of that we’re all getting too old to appreciate more of the same must mean the show is on the way out, right?


During a Tuesday night visit to “The Daily Show,” “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker cleared up the confusion.

“We really did (the episode) by the seat of our pants, and obviously it had a lot of themes and things we were feeling in it,” Parker said. “But we came back and people are like, ‘Are you OK? Is the show coming back?’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah! We had a really good time doing that (one). It’s fun.”

Parker and Stone’s continued work on “South Park” isn’t the only fun the duo has had lately.  On Sunday night their musical, “Book of Mormon,” swept the Tony Awards. While Parker and Stone never imagined their production would win nine honors, the team once worried about which act they might lose a few to.

"Six months ago, all the talk in the town was ‘Spider-Man,’ before everyone saw what a train wreck that was," Stone said. "Before that, it was, 'Oh man, we're going to lose to Bono.' "  

Of course in the end, with a grand total of zero nominations, Bono and the rest of the “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” gang weren’t much of a threat on Tony night.

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