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Sous chef turns into sore loser on 'Hell's Kitchen' finale

Wannabe head chefs Nona Sivley and Russell Kook outlasted their culinary competition to face off on Wednesday night’s “Hell’s Kitchen” finale, but only one could claim the season’s top honor.

After an intense five-course-meal final battle, wherein both hopefuls were forced to rely on eliminated players for assistance, Gordon Ramsey picked Nona for the coveted head chef gig and the $250,000 salary that comes with it. As for runner-up Russell, the celebrity chef left him to do what he does best — whine about not getting his way and complain about how it wasn't his fault.

Of course, grumbling through the weekly grind isn’t such a big deal, but Russell really amped up the bitter behavior when he realized he lost the most important battle.

“I'm pissed,” Russell griped after Nona was named the winner. “I'm not happy at all. I chose the team that I wanted and I thought they would help me win. In fact, they helped me lose. So thanks a lot, guys.”

If his not-especially-problematic team still didn’t get the hint, Russell followed that up with some more tough talk.

“You will never get a job in any city I work,” he promised. “I’m going to definitely blackball you, because you guys f---ed me so royally tonight.”

So, take that, team members! If you can’t get a job in Chicago, you’ll know which all-powerful sous chef is to blame.