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Source: Lindsay Lohan Not Staying at Betty Ford Until the Weekend

Lindsay Lohan is free to leave rehab. The question now is when.
/ Source: E!online

Lindsay Lohan is free to leave rehab. The question now is when.

A source close to the starlet tells E! News exclusively that a TMZ story saying Lohan is considering staying at the Betty Ford clinic through the week to continue her treatment is "absolutely false" and that Lindsay actually plans to leave the Rancho Mirage, Ca., facility "very shortly."

Per the insider, the now clean and sober actress "didn't want a motorcade and the paparazzi to be chasing her," but word is she could be exiting the facility as early as today.

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Once she's out, Lohan will meet up with mom Dina Lohan and her siblings and retreat to a secret hideaway where she will try and get her life and career back on track. But first and foremost, the 24-year-old thespian must resolve her ongoing legal woes after last year's probation violation in her 2007 DUI and drug case.

"She's already set up weekly classes and testing. We really want to make it a smooth transition for her and really give her a good head start this time," Dina tells E! News. "She's on probation until her next court date in February."After that, Lindsay will have to decide whether living in Hollywood remains a healthy option for her or whether she'd be better off moving back to New York to be closer to the family."My kids' next break is in February, so we'll all be there," said Dina. "My mom's turning 87 next week, and I'd love to get Lindsay home for that, but I don't think we can...And actually I don't know if I'd even want her to travel that soon. After her court date, we're going to get her home." As for Lindsay reuniting with dad Michael Lohan in rehab, Dina had this to say: "The only reason we agreed to let him see Lindsay was because she needed to have some kind of closure. But the deal was that he couldn't talk about it to the press, and he did exactly that, like, the first week. So he completely blew that."Good to know they're both working things out for their daughter's sake.

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