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SOS 2011: Get Excited, TV Fans, Because It's Time to Save Your Fave!

Woo-hoo! It's time for the 10th annual E! Online Save One Show campaign!
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Woo-hoo! It's time for the 10th annual E! Online Save One Show campaign!

Forty shows this season are still waiting for a pickup, but only one can be selected as the winner of this year's vote! Every year, Save One Show is a highlight of our TV calendar, because we get to deploy our collective fan superpowers to save a TV fave. (Over the past decade, we've helped successfully rescue shows like Felicity, Angel, One Tree Hill and Chuck!)

So, what shows are in danger this year? Jump inside for the scoop and cast your vote!

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What is Save One Show? If you haven't participated before, here's how it works: Every spring, network executives decide which shows will live or die for the coming TV season, and our Save One Show campaign gives you fans the chance to pick the series that most deserves to stick around--and then we help you fight like mad to keep it.

FYI, the list below includes only network series that have not yet received a pickup for the 2010-11 season at this time. (Cable shows don't apply here because this is all leading up to the network schedule announcements in May.) Shows like Smallville were not included because there's just no way at all they can continue on.

There are quite a few endangered and as-yet-unrenewed shows this year, so we have a couple ways we're going to winnow down the competition. First, the 10 shows with the fewest votes will be cut from the competition on Thursday, May 5, at 11 a.m. when round one ends, so be sure to represent for your show early and often to keep them safe!

And we'll give the three shows with the highest number of votes in this round a little assist in the next round, by sharing your fanvids, emails and comments in favor of your show. So be sure to comment in support of your faves and/or email us at with links to fanvids, Twitter hashtags, Facebook campaigns and more, and if your show is in the top five, we'll showcase all that stuff in round two. (Use #SOS to connect with TV fanatics around the globe and to try convince others to save your show!)

So, starting today, make your picks below, and then share this page with other fans to encourage them to vote! Good luck!


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