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Sorry, Vienna: Playboy hasn't come calling

Former "Bachelor" fiancee told Star magazine she was going to pose for Playboy, hoping to make $250,000 for a pictorial in the magazine. But the magazine hasn't asked.
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It’s widely accepted as fact that “The Bachelor” winner Vienna Girardi had her heart broken by her onetime fiancé, Jake Pavelka.

Naturally, the next question many people have is how she might exact her revenge. Girardi told Star magazine she was going to take to Playboy magazine to show Pavelka what he was missing, suggesting that she hoped to make $250,000 for a pictorial in the magazine.

Not so, said Playboy. “We are not in negotiations with her and have not made her an offer,” said a rep for the magazine, who spoke to Us Weekly.

Divorce won't stop Jesse James
Jesse James and Sandra Bullock’s divorce has been finalized, but James reportedly thinks there’s a chance he can reconcile with the actress, who left him after In Touch broke the news of his infidelity in March.

How will he pull off a reconciliation? By living close to Bullock, and not just in Austin, Texas.

“Not only is Jesse buying a home in Austin to be closer to Sandra and her son, Louis, he wants to buy another property in New Orleans near her home there,” a source told In Touch. “Jesse claims he wants to be closer to Sandra so she can see his kids, but he’s tugging the heartstrings to try to win her back. He knows she loves his kids, especially his daughter Sunny.”

While several sources say that Bullock and James are cordial, he has a lot of work to do when it comes to Bullock’s extended family.

“They’ve yet to speak to Jesse and they tell Sandra they’ll never be able to forgive him,” reports the magazine. “She’s torn between not disappointing her family and not seeing his kids. She’s trapped.”

Danielle Staub 'Real Close' to being a rock star
You’re not a real housewife until you’ve recorded your own song. Like Countess LuAnn of “Real Housewives of New York,” “New Jersey” housewife Danielle Staub has released a single, “Real Close.”

Unlike the countess’ song, "Money Can't Buy You Class," Staub's “Real Close” has actually been somewhat well received. And Staub thinks everyone should get used to that, believing that musical fame is on her horizon.

“You should take these pictures now and words now because it’s going to be (songwriter Lori Michaels) and I rocking out Madison Square Garden,” Staub told at Target’s Party for Good on Tuesday.

Staub brought Michaels, her rumored girlfriend, to the volunteer event, where they worked together packing boxes for homeless people in New York. She continued to keep mum about whether the two are together, but she did say that you should expect to see more of her with Michaels.

“As soon as we started doing the music together, I realized there was something here that I wasn’t ready to let go of,” Staub said. “I think Lori and I are going to be seen on many platforms.”

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