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Sorry, Vacationers, Kelsey & Camille Grammer's Lavish Homes Are Off-Limits

Sorry Kato Kaelins of the world, you're s--t out of luck.
/ Source: E!online

Sorry Kato Kaelins of the world, you're s--t out of luck.

A Los Angeles Judge ruled this morning that Kelsey and Camille Grammer must keep their lavish vacation homes off limits to third parties out of privacy concerns as the divorced pair duke it out over who gets the kids in their ongoing custody battle.

If only us regular folks had this problem.

The erstwhile Frasier star and his former missus had been fighting over the use of their Hawaii and Hamptons houses by people not related to them.

Ultimately, L.A. Superior Court Judge Maren Nelson ordered that Kelsey and Camille had to give prior written notice for the other's approval before any third party was allowed to use their various residences.

Custody issues were not discussed at this hearing, but the issue of the vacation homes was prompted by Camille's attorney, Neal Hersh, who expressed concern that such hangers-on might intrude on the children's privacy.

Nelson agreed. She also set a July 27 hearing to consider issuing temporary orders relating to the custody of the Grammers' 9-year-old daughter, Mason, and 6-year-old son, Jude.

Both are currently under the care of Camille, but earlier this month Kelsey filed a petition with the court to split his family in two with Mason remaining with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in California while the actor and his new wife, Kayte Walsh, would assume primary physical custody of Mason who would live with them in Chicago. Camille has rejected the proposed arrangement.

The judge warned that if the duo can't resolve their custody issues by the July court date, she'll schedule a trial on the matter for Aug. 9. At that point, the judge said that she will also address the remaining summer schedule as well as the plan for the next year of the kids' school.

Hersh told the court that he expected the trial to last around two days and was preparing to depose three witnesses as well as Kelsey starting next week.

As for Grammer's camp, his legal eagle, Lance Spiegel, asked Nelson to speed up his request to have Kelsey, Camille and the kids see a child evaluator so the trial can get underway quickly.

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