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Sorry, 'DWTS'! No ballroom for Bill Clinton

"Rachael Ray"/CBS Television Distribution / Today
Rachael Ray interviewed former president Bill Clinton on her self-titled show on Tuesday.

Former president Bill Clinton was invited to join the televised celebration of spray tan, sequins and fancy footwork that is “Dancing With the Stars,” but on Tuesday’s “Rachael Ray” he admitted he turned down a chance to compete for the mirror ball trophy.

“Actually, they contacted me once about (joining ‘Dancing’),” Clinton told an audience member who asked if he had any ballroom ambitions. “I told them that I don’t have time to train for it. You know, you actually go out there and train. You really work at it, so I had to pass.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the past Commander-in-Chief won’t put on his dancing shoes one day. While he has no plans to show off his moves on the hit ballroom bash, Clinton still hopes to take on the tango.

“I would like to master the tango,” he explained. “So that’s what I would love to do.... Just last night Hillary said to me, ‘You know, when I’m not Secretary of State anymore, we should go take dance lessons.’ So we’ll start with a tango.”

Of course, as one former dancing politician could tell Clinton, the tango can be tricky business.

While it’s not exactly a shock to learn Clinton turned down the opportunity, are you surprised the “Dancing” powers-that-be asked the busy 65-year-old to be on the show in the first place? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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