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Something amazingly rare happened on 'The Price is Right'

You've probably never seen three grown adults get this excited.
/ Source: TODAY

You've probably never seen three grown adults more happy to win $1 before.

But on "The Price is Right," $1 on the big wheel means a lot more than just 100 pennies: It's actually means you've won $1,000 and a chance to move on to the big prize of the show, the Showcase Showdown.

So when three contestants managed to spin the big wheel to see who would get to go to the Showdown... and all three tied for $1, well, ecstasy was not too mild a word for what we saw them go through.

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The show, which is in its 45th season, has only ever had a handful of three-way ties, according to Yahoo TV; this was the first time it happened since 2007, when Drew Carey took over hosting from Bob Barker.

And clearly Drew was excited, too. As the big wheel spun (the idea is each finalist gets two spins to come as close to $1 on the wheel, which is marked with various $1-and-under denominations), Carey called out, "Let's have a three-way tie on the dollar!"

After all three earned their dollar and hugged mightily, Carey added, "I don't know if that's ever happened!"

The Price Is Right - Three's A Crowd
Drew Carey with contestants on "The Price is Right."The Price Is Right / YouTube

Alas, the unity could not last: the tie had to be broken so everyone got one more spin to come as close to $1 as possible, and someone ended up with an 80-cent spin, which sent them forward.

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