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Someone give Matthew McConaughey a gold medal for Rio Olympic pride

In his capacity as a Summer Games superfan, the usually laid-back leading man cannot be beat.
/ Source: TODAY

We're just going to have to face it — no matter how much we enjoy the emotional highs and lows, the intense competition and the pure displays of athleticism going on in Rio, Matthew McConaughey enjoys it all more. He just does.

In his capacity as a Summer Games superfan, the usually laid-back leading man cannot be beat.

But take heart! When it comes to the next-best superfan event — enjoying Matthew McConaughey enjoying the Olympics — we're going for the gold!

We're not saying Matthew McConaughey's distractingly perfect smile is what caused Team Australia to fall 10 points behind at Wednesday night's matchup against Team USA. But we're not saying it's not the reason, either.Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
He looks one way and points the other — that's the McConaughey way. He's taking in every single shot on the court.Phil Walter / Getty Images
"See that play? Aw, yeah! Team USA all the way, baby!" is what McConaughey might have — or might not have — said. (But c'mon, he probably did.)Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Oscar-winner was spotted heating up the stands while he watched the heated face-offs in the water and on the field. Now new photos out of Rio prove his eye-catching Olympic pride is still in overdrive.

Ooh, the dreaded clap with a grimace. He acknowledges your effort, but you're going to have to try a little harder to earn applause next time.MARTIN BUREAU / AFP - Getty Images
There you go!MARK RALSTON / AFP - Getty Images

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The "Free State of Jones" star and Team USA booster checked out the men's preliminary basketball match-up between America and Australia with wife Camila Alves on Wednesday night, and the only thing better than his reactions to what was happening on the court were his reactions to fans who wanted in on the fun.

Behold! The Olympic superfan strikes a pose as he's surrounded by regular ol' fans.Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

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At one point, Alves even reached over to help him refuel — because fanning this hard is hard work.

"Still 30 minutes on the clock," he (maybe) mused. "I've got this. Hey babe, popcorn me."Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

And there's good news for McConaughey and the rest of us: The games are far from over!

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