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Someone finally says no to Paris Hilton

According to the New York Post, someone actually had the nerve to turn down the love-em-and-leave-em pet collector when all she wanted was a cuddly pup for her latest photo shoot.
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Celebutantes beware! Impulse pooch purchases aren’t as easy as they used to be. Just ask Paris Hilton. According to the New York Post, someone actually had the nerve to turn down the love-em-and-leave-em pet collector when all she wanted was a cuddly prop, er, pup for her latest photo shoot. The nerve!

A Page Six spywitness caught everyone’s favorite heirhead at Melrose Avenue’s The Puppy Store desperate for a new Yorkie. (Maybe her last Yorkie, Cinderella, outgrew her cute phase, or went missing, or was reclaimed due to abandonment — whatever.) Allegedly Paris was en route to a photo shoot when she made the poochy pit stop, figuring a dog would make the perfect camera-ready accessory.

“(Paris) wanted a puppy in the picture with her so it would look cuter,” claimed the source. But when a store employee thought better of it and refused to part with the pup, “The Simple Life” star went “ballistic.” “She started screaming, ‘I love my puppies! I want my baby!’” the source said.

Hollywood wasn’t what Pam Anderson expected While Pamela Anderson has shocked the Hollywood crowd many times over the years, the former “Baywatch” babe says Tinseltown shocked her first.

In an interview with Radar magazine, Pam tried to explain her nearly inexplicable expectations of LaLaLand.

It turns out, growing up on Canada’s Vancouver Island, Pam had no idea what was in store for her. It wasn’t until Playboy magazine flew her to California for her very first pictorial back in 1989 that the buxom blonde learned L.A. was downright normal compared to what she had in mind.

“I thought when I came to L.A., people would have parrots on their shoulders,” Pam confessed. “I still don't understand where that concept came from. And I thought for sure photographers would have pointy shoulders and big hats. Yes, pointy shoulder pads and parrots. And hats.”

Did Coldplay steal a tune?
If Coldplay’s latest release, “Viva la Vida,” sounds familiar, that may be because it bears a slight resemblance to the lesser-known Creaky Boards number, “The Songs I Didn’t Write.” At least that’s what CB frontman Andrew Hoepfner thought when he first heard the iTunes ad-track du jour.

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The easy comparison led Andrew to produce a YouTube mashup video of the two songs, containing text that explained his case. The clip also features footage of CB playing the CMJ Festival last October, where Andrew claims they saw a famous face in the audience.

“We were flattered when we thought we spotted Chris Martin in the crowd that night,” Andrew wrote. “He seemed pretty into it! Maybe TOO into it.”

According to a Coldplay spokesperson, Andrew was wrong about the sighting and the song’s inspiration. Now Andrew’s turned to E! online to clear up the confusion.

“Soon after the video blew up, I received a call from Coldplay's manager,” the singer-songwriter said. “They were really nice about the whole thing and explained about their whereabouts and old demos. I guess the song similarities are just a coincidence ... great minds think alike?”

Then Andrew joked, “Anyway, I must have been mistaken about seeing Chris at the show because all British people look the same. I lived in London for six weeks and I seriously thought every third person on the corner was Coldplay.”

Dish on the fly When MTV News asked Angelina Jolie whether it was more fun to roll around with co-star James McAvoy in their new film, “Wanted,” or with her partner, Brad Pitt, the actress didn’t even have to think about it. “Well, you know Brad was ... I'll always prefer rolling around on the floor with him than any other man,” she said. “You know, in general.” … Naomi Campbell revealed a little more skin than intended when she hit the town in London Monday night. It wasn’t the usual miniskirt malfunction for the Naomi. Instead, photographers snapped away as she swept her hair away from her face, revealing her hairline, or more accurately, where her hairline used to be. The shots, posted to the Daily Mail, mark the second time in two months the balding supermodel flashed her flesh.

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