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Some fans think Anthonyshould have stayed

Debate over Carrie, Vonzell, Bo ‘Vice’
/ Source: staff and news service reports

Anthony Fedorov came a long way to get to the "American Idol" final four. The Ukraine-born singer was a favorite of some fans for his cheerful personality and inspiring story, as well as his ballad-friendly voice.

But Fedorov was voted off this week, leaving Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood and Vonzell Solomon to duke it out for the title of "American Idol."

The show, broadcast live from Los Angeles, has been racked by controversy as it winds down to a May 24-25 finale. The latest snafu came after Tuesday’s show continued previous “Idol” voting problems.

The dial-in phone number for Underwood was displayed on the closed-captioning for all the contestants, possibly aiding her survival. The correct numbers, however, were shown with on-screen graphics and announced by Ryan Seacrest.

A statement issued Wednesday by Fox read, “the producers and network apologize to our hearing-impaired viewers for any confusion, and the situation was immediately corrected for our tape-delayed West Coast broadcast.”

The integrity of the show’s voting system (where viewers either call or text message to support their favorite), has been in question before.

When incorrect call-in numbers were displayed for three contestants in March, the network added an episode to repeat the vote. In the past, fans have raged about clogged phone lines for voting and angrily speculated about conspiracies that allowed less talented contestants to hang on.

Here are some of your thoughts on Fedorov's elimination and the remaining three singers.

ANTHONY“I don’t think that [Anthony] deserved to have gotten booted from the show.  I think Vonzell should have gotten booted because numerous weeks she has been off on songs and at times she sounds as if she is singing karaoke whereas Anthony performed more genuinely no matter what song he sang.  He will definitely be missed!”    --Jennifer

“Anthony and Scott both should have been voted off a long time ago. They couldn’t even touch the final 3’s talent. I think that it was pure pity of the voters that made them stay so long.  I say Bo should take it, but the way these people have been voting Lord only knows.”    --Sharon

“Yes, Anthony deserved to go. He botched his swan song reprise, clearly in a different place than the band and there was a second or two of awkward shifting until they got on the same page. He’s a wonderful guy with an excellent voice but that proved he isn’t a true professional yet and can be rattled.”    --Lyle

“Anthony had one of his best performances Tuesday night.  He should have never been booted off. Carrie was horrible and, in my opinion, is very lucky she is still there.”  --Sandy

“Unfortunately, Bo will probably win, but personally I think Carrie should win.  She is far more diversified in her singing abilities and a much better singer overall. Also, she has more star qualities and would sell far more CDs than Bo. Bo virtually can only do rock & roll stuff and what’s with the microphone stand—he can’t seem to sing without it and it looks so stupid.  I would have thought he had more sense in using the microphone in this manner, plus the stupid glasses he keeps wearing - those glasses went out in the 60s.  Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see, but here’s hoping.”    --Tessa       

“In my opinion, the one that will come away with it all will be Bo Bice.  There are two specific reasons I believe he will win.  First, he has appealing stage presence.  Secondly, Bo’s bluesy- masculine voice captivates both male and female voters.”    --Darin

“As for the winner... Bo Bice!  Sure, he’s got a few skeletons in his closet, but come on, honestly - who doesn’t?  This is not Teen Idol, it’s American Idol.  And for all those who may have tried drugs, or even thought about it, Bo proves life doesn’t have to stay there, you can go on, and still be  successful, making your dreams come true. ”  --Judi

CARRIE“Carrie Underwood has character, beautiful voice, certainly a role model for all youth.  Bo Vice can’t sing, arrested for cocaine, he doesn’t deserve the title.  Let’s get this one right! Carrie is it!”    --Ernestine

“I think Carrie will win she is an amazing singer and she is out of this world! She is the best American Idol has ever seen!  If she does not win I don’t know what people are listening to.  I agree she gives me goosebumps also, it would be so nice to see a country star win American Idol.  American Idol is hurting for country stars!  Go Carrie you are the best there ever was!”    --Britt

“Carrie Underwood  has the looks, talent and heart to win. She will be a success.”    --Debbie

VONZELL“The one to go should have been Vonzell, she proved Tuesday night how bad she really is, she has hit some clunkers in her songs on more than one night , and how can you really tell about her vocals when all she does is yells.”    --Susan

“I thought Vonzell would go home just because of Simon’s remarks.  I almost always totally agree with him but I thought he was a bit “off” this week.”    --Marcia

“Vonzell started crying in her song. She might’ve wanted people to feel sympathy for her and I did!”    --Patricia

QUOTE OF THE WEEK“I’m over it!! The president can have relations with an intern and stay in office but Paula can’t get frisky with a wannabe and keep her job. C’mon, Corey if you did have relations with Paula be happy its probably the best thing that will ever happen to you. You had no chance of winning American Idol anyway. quit trying to take away from the real talents' limelight. Go Carrie! With your fine self.”    --Anonymous