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A solo fate in her destiny?

Beyonce goes “Crazy In Love” with first effort without the girls. “Today” host Katie Couric profiles the rising star in this week’s “Backstage Pass.”
/ Source: TODAY

The sweet sounds this young diva has created with the well-known girl group Destiny’s Child makes her a multi-platinum selling recording artist. And now, the 21-year-old embarks on a new phase of her musical career with the release of her first solo album called “Dangerously In Love.” “Today” host Katie Couric profiles Beyonce in this week’s “Backstage Pass.”

Since 1997 when Destiny’s Child first came onto the scene, the group has sold 33 million copies worldwide. They are a major music success story as one of the biggest selling female acts of all time.

Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce make up the multi-platinum trio known as Destiny’s Child. The group catapulted to stardom on a string of hits and some eye catching videos.

“This is my first solo performance. It is very strange for me because I’m used to Kelly and Michelle being there,” says Knowles.

Beyonce’s CD comes out following that of her Destiny’s Child mates. Kelly Rowland’s, “Simply Deep” arrived last October. It has gone gold. Michelle Williams released “Heart to Yours,” a gospel effort, in April 2001.

The launch of Beyonce’s solo project has once again sparked rumors of a Destiny’s Child break-up. Not true says the young superstar.

“We’ve all made an agreement that regardless of how many records we sell individually we’ll still do another Destiny’s Child album.”

But for now, Beyonce is doing it for herself, going solo with her first album “Dangerously In Love.” It’s expected top of the charts.

The first single release “Crazy in Love” is shooting up the charts, giving an infectious beat and horn section that makes everyone want to do Beyonce’s trademark behind-shaking move displayed on the video.

“I’m now a woman and I have to make my own decisions and deal with the pressure by myself.”


nd she does it all. In addition to writing and producing the songs, Beyonce also co-produced her current music video.

“I was really, really nervous because this was my first video. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show my dance abilities which I’ve never really gotten a chance to do. And I wanted to find new dancers.”

She did. At open auditions in Los Angeles.

After a few rehearsals with her new dance partners, Beyonce is ready to show what she’s got.

“I want people to know who I am. I feel like I’m being born again every time I’m on that stage.”