Sofia Vergashian? 'Modern Family' star posts Kardashian-esque throwback photo

/ Source: TODAY

You know Sofia Vergara, the Colombian-American star of "Modern Family."

But what about Sofia Vergashian, the Kolombian-American kontouring kween?

The 44-year-old actress posted an Instagram throwback on Friday that had us doing a double take to see whose account we were looking at.

It's all there: the big hair, the dramatic cheekbones, the bling-tastic choker necklace, the enviable hourglass figure (but we knew that already).

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Is Sofia Vergara a long-lost Kardashian? Nope — according to her caption, just a "Vergashian." But after doing some more research, we can't stop seeing the resemblance.

Compare these classic Kim-stagrams ...

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... to these shots of Vergara.


Of course, Vergara's bubbly demeanor couldn't be more different from Kim's too-cool-for-school air. But still, if we didn't know better, we'd swear they were distant relatives.

We're waiting on the epic crossover episode of "Keeping Up with the Modern Family."

Seriously. We'd watch that in a heartbeat.