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'So You Think You Can Dance' sends two more out the door

Now that we’re down to the top ten dancers, all of the elimination episodes are brutal. When the performance show is as strong as last night’s? It’s ten times worse. Still, one guy and one girl must be sent to the big dance cloud in the sky, or wherever it is they hide them until the tour begins. Let’s get down to it!

The opening group number is a Broadway routine where the ladies wear very, very shiny hats and not much else.  The men wear shiny hats as well but they have much more fabric covering the rest of their bodies. There’s a lot of hat maneuvering in general, and it is jaunty and fun.

Cat kicks things off by asking Neil about his experience judging last night, and then reveals she had a crush on him when she was a teenager. It’s basically adorable. If I ever met Kirk Cameron, I would tell him all about my giant crush on him from his “Growing Pains” days, and then run away quickly before he starts proselytizing.

The first three dancers Cat calls to the stage to learn their fates are Melanie, Tadd and Mitchell. Being in a group with Melanie should have those boys shaking in their dancing shoes. She’s not going anywhere. This is exactly what happens, and Mitchell is put in the bottom four while Melanie and Tadd are safe. Poor Mitchell, saddled with that awful Tyce DiOrio routine. It was inevitable.

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