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'So You Think You Can Dance' reveals top 20

Eeek, it’s time for the final cut from 31 to the top 20. The worst part about this stage in the competition is that no one has actually screwed up. All of these dancers are good enough to proceed, but there are only 20 spots and someone doesn’t get a cookie. It’s really kind of a depressing night, even though it’s exciting to finally meet our official top 20. And the good news is that this season we’ll be spared the tiresome home visits that always felt uncomfortable when the news was bad (“I’m sorry to tell you you won’t be joining us. Gotta hit the road. Where’s your bathroom?”) and will instead get dancing. Sounds good to me!

Cat Deeley pumps up the crowd and informs us that we will be treated to nine electrifying routines by our top 20 dancers. Whoot! Our judges, who aren’t really judging anything tonight, are Robin Antin, Lil’ C, Tyce Diorio (Toasty), Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Robin cannot wear her hair this way again. She looks like Jigsaw.

Nigel explains that he listened to viewer feedback and we’ll be getting a top 20 (instead of a top 10) with All Stars also coming in to mix it up. I love that this show is constantly getting tweaked based on viewer feedback. All I need is for Nigel to come to my house and offer my caramel corn and a foot massage and everything will be perfect. But he probably only does that for Nielsen homes.

Cat tells us that the dancers must make the longest walk of their lives to learn their fates. They’re not being executed, Cat. Although that would be some twist. Not only are you not making the final 20, we’re shooting you in the head.

Before we start, I hope someone has informed the dancers over and over again that, if you made it to this point, you’re an amazing dancer. This is just casting. They want certain characters, certain looks and a mix of genres. It really isn’t about your ability anymore. That probably doesn’t help, though. Yeah, this sucks.

Ricky is feeling confident. It’s always good to think positive, although that and 35 cents will buy you some gum. Nigel asks him what he felt was the hardest part of Vegas week. He hated seeing people he liked leave. Aw, Ricky, you are just a bundle of sunshine. More importantly, he’s in! Whoot!

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