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So True? So False? Is Pauly D Really Banned From College Campus?!

Pauly D found himself in quite the situation last night.
/ Source: E!online

Pauly D found himself in quite the situation last night.

A spokeswoman for the University of Rhode Island tells E! News that campus police were called in to keep the peace after about 300 to 400 students stormed a dorm to catch a glimpse of the Jersey Shore star as he swung by to see a friend.

But did the brouhaha get the guido permanently booted back to the beach? Hold on to your poof. This rumor is...

So false!

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"We had four officers who went down for crowd control and noise control and to help Pauly D and his friend out of the area," says spokewoman Linda Acciardo. "There were no arrests, no one was injured, there was no damage to anything. Everything turned out to be just fine."

And while the native Rhode Islander is more than welcome to return, all they ask is they be given a bit of heads-up next time.

"We're just saying it would probably be a good idea if we knew in advance," says Acciardo. "It was a surprise visit. If we had known that he was coming, we would have talked to his security officer and had a conversation about the best way to get in and get out."

Oh, but where's the fun in that?

--Reporting by Whitney English

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