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So True? So False? Is Jennifer Aniston Seducing Robert Pattinson?!

Has Robert Pattinson figured out his first role post-Breaking Dawn?
/ Source: E!online

Has Robert Pattinson figured out his first role post-Breaking Dawn?

Apparently Jennifer Aniston has her sights set on seducing the heartthrob--and no, Kristen Stewart, not in that way. We're talking onscreen in a remake of The Graduate.

Jen already filmed the Graduate-esque flick Rumor Has It with Kevin Costner in 2005. So is she ready to be Mrs. Robinson? We're hearing, this rumor is...

So false!

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And we are so bummed.

"No such project exists," a rep for Aniston tells E!. "Another complete fabrication."

We actually think Jennifer and R.Pattz would be totally hot onscreen together! But nowadays a fortysomething bombshell like Jen could totally date a twentysomething dude like Rob, so the remake probably wouldn't have that big of a shock factor with these two.

It's a fun idea though, no? And Graduate 2.0 is bound to happen.

But instead of plotting over the holidays how to get Rob interested in the part, Aniston was busy vacationing in Cabo with fellow E! babe Chelsea Handler.

However, that trip was less about business and more about margs.

"It was a long weekend of friends in Mexico," adds the Aniston (and Chelsea) rep.

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