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So True? So False? Does Jennifer Aniston Go Topless in Latest Movie?!

This ain't no Jennifer Aniston chick flick. That much you can tell by the trailer.
/ Source: E!online

This ain't no Jennifer Aniston chick flick. That much you can tell by the trailer.

Which just gives all the more credence to the rumor that apparently will not die (it's been circulating since last year ) that America's girl next door will be showing off her, uh, friends in the forthcoming comedy Horrible Bosses.

The newly released trailer has the honor of resparking this particular rumor, as the star dons some seriously skimpy lingerie in the two-and-a-half minute clip. Add that to the obviously adult (though not like that) humor and what do you get?

An unstoppable piece of watercooler gossip pronouncing that Jennifer Aniston is going topless. But is it true? Hold on to your MPAA ratings, this rumor is...

So false!

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And may we add, as if!

One need only look back to the hype surrounding Halle Berry's finally bare-all turn in Swordfish to know that if Aniston was really dropping top in this film, the production company wouldn't hesitate to use it as a marketing tool.

In any case, while the studio shrewdly isn't commenting (why nix those potential sales in the bud so early, right?), they have been putting on early screenings of the film, and one lucky viewer filled E! News in on the dirty deets. Or not so dirty deets, as the case turned out to be.

As it happens, while Jennifer could technically be topless off screen (we doubt it), she's never fully exposed on film. But fear not, teenage boys: there is plenty of Aniston-in-underwear screen time, as well as a scene where she is wearing a lab coat sans undergarments. Though that coat remains pretty closed.

The film is due out July 8.

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