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So True? So False? Did Giuliana and Bill Rancic Really Sleep Together on Second Date?!

By now maybe you've heard the Internet whispers. Or even seen the clip.
/ Source: E!online

By now maybe you've heard the Internet whispers. Or even seen the clip.

Either way, here's the setup: In a promo for the upcoming episode of Giuliana &Bill (new on Monday!) our buddies are enjoying a fine meal of fish and chips when the chips seem to hit the fan.

"One of the things that attracted me to Giuliana was on our second date..." Bill begins before being interrupted by Giuliana, "Don't tell them how we slept together!"

And with that, the Interwebs were off and running. But is the story true? Did our favorite fun couple really just delve into the TMI zone?

We dialed up Giuliana and found out the story is...

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So false!

Apparently, folks out there didn't get the couple's trademark sense of humor (or chose to ignore the cartoon whistle that accompanied Giuilana's comment) and jumped to conclusions that impugned our pal's reputation.

As you can see in this footage that didn't make the show's cut, the E! News host was just making a joke, people.

"I always remind Bill that, unlike his previous girlfriends, it's a point of pride that I made him hold out for several months," Giuliana tells us. "In fact, in my two most recent books (Think Like a Guy and I Do, Now What?), I talk about how girls should hold out for as long as possible when it comes to hooking up with a guy.

"Everything we do is a joke. We're always kidding with each other. This is just a case of somebody taking an innocuous comment and turning it into a naughty headline."

So are we all clear now?


And don't forget to tune in for the new episode of Giuliana &Bill on the Style Network Monday at 8 p.m.

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