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'Happy' dance! Check out this man's epic dance moves at concert

A video has gone viral of a fan of the Vamps dancing at a concert, and boy does he have some moves!
/ Source: TODAY

No matter how old you are, music has charms to get your feet moving. Such was the case for one fan at a recent Vamps concert in Britain who was captured on video busting out some spot-on moves.

Surprise! He isn't one of the younger fans of the band, which only got going three years ago. No, Dancing Man is a bit on the older side with his nicely-tucked-in shirt, white sneakers, jeans and graying hair. But no matter how old he is (or even if he is a "dad," as the video's headline suggests), he puts the younger audience members to shame.

By not caring about being cool, he becomes the very definition of it. Just check out the little girl at the 26-second mark eyeballing him (we're not sure if she's awed or horrified)! Or how about this sweet comment on YouTube from Tyler Cole: "I'd love to know what it's like to be that happy, even just briefly."

But full endorsement of the right to joyfully dance whenever, however, and to whoever you like definitely comes from Vamps singer/guitarist Brad Simpson:

Truly a legend, indeed. Never stop dancing!

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