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Snowboarder hooks onto Jeep, shreds through New York City during blizzard

Some of us bundle up when the temps drop, but for the thrill-seeking frost-lovers among us, a snowstorm brings a flurry of extreme antics.
/ Source: TODAY

For some of us, a blizzard is a chance to bundle up and get cozy with a cup of cocoa.

But for the thrill-seeking set, a snowstorm brings a flurry of extreme antics.

Just take a look at how snowboarder, YouTube star and all-around risk-taker Casey Neistat welcomed the weekend's nor'easter.

Neistat strapped on his snowboard, tethered a line to the bumper of his pal's Jeep and went for one wild ride.

Yes, despite warnings to stay off the streets, Neistat not only snowboarded his way through the Big Apple, he enlisted a friend to join him on a pair of skis.

snowboarder-on NYC-streets-today-160125
Casey Neistat, snowboards on the street of New YorkYouTube / CaseyNeistat

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Check out the video to watch the daring duo entertain spectators, gain the attention of the NYPD and even wipe out on one rough corner.

Needless to say, don't do this in your hometown — or anywhere else!

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