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The Snow White Fight Continues: Is Kristen Stewart's Huntsman in Trouble?

Forget who's the fairest of them all--which Snow White is better?
/ Source: E!online

Forget who's the fairest of them all--which Snow White is better?

That's the big Q that people will be asking when the two films hit theatres next summer (that is, if neither pushes their release date forward again). Though, it seems like The Brother's Grimm: Snow White has an edge on Kristen Stewart's installment--cameras start rolling on the film next week!

Whereas Snow White and the Huntsman is going back to the drawing board for a rewrite. Should K.Stew fans be worried?

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Not really. In fact, it might be better off in the end because, to be honest, both films need work.

But while Lily Collins and Julia Roberts costume up to film an adventure/comedy whose script is lacking in both exciting escapades and funny jokes, Huntsman can take its time and fine tune to perfection.

Here's the deal:

We've read the script for Snow White and the Huntsman, and it's basically Twilight meets Amanda Seyfried's Red Riding Hood.

The medieval dialogue bounces between being too Shakespearean and too modern, and sometimes it's just plain corny. Plus, the few jokes (usually at the expense of the dwarves) won't really spur any laughs. But strong acting, which the flick definitely has, might be able to salvage it still.

The role was basically made for Kristen Stewart, after all, her signature scowl is even written into the friggin' script!

In a nutshell, it's about Snow hiding out in the woods after a beauty-obsessed broad marries and murdered her father, the King. The evil queen then sets out to kill Snow so that, duh, she can be the fairest in the land. Most of the flick focuses on S.W. training for combat with her Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth.

Must fess tho: We're surprised Catherine Hardwicke isn't directing this.

It's classic Cathy. The angsty love triangle is all there, with the perfect Prince and rebel Huntsman each vying for Snow White's lovin'. And you'll never guess which dude Snow's into. Here's a hint: It's the dangerous one.

Edward Cullen, anyone?

The lovey-dovey stuff is where we think the rewriting will focus, tho. In the script, Snow is 17 and the hunky Huntsman is like, 40. A little icky, right? But the casting peeps decided age is just a number and cast sexy Hemsworth instead, which means they'll change some of the story, at least to make Snow and her Huntsman closer in age.

And we're sure the producers want to beef up that deep-in-the-forest flirtation between them to include more than a couple longing glances--and hopefully a few gratuitously shirtless scenes for C.H.

To that we say hallelujah! Team Truth is always down for additional sex factor!

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