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'SNL's' new Weekend Update team tackles 'intimidating' comedy legacy

It's never easy to take over a job someone else really made their mark in. So just image how hard it is to fill a role that nearly a dozen people mastered before you. That's the kind of pressure "Saturday Night Live's" new Weekend Update team, made up of cast regular Cecily Strong and co-head writer Colin Jost, is facing.

"It's something I didn't know was always possible, (but) always had in my mind as the thing I'd want to do," Jost told TODAY's Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie about taking on the Update duties. 

But as Jost looks down the hallowed hall of photos of "SNL" greats that greets him at work each day, he can't help but feel the enormity of his new gig.

"It's crazy," he admitted. "It's such an intimidating legacy. But also, if you go down that hallway ... you appreciate it, but you've also got to quickly (say), 'All right, I've got to try my own thing.' ... Otherwise you go crazy."

As for Strong, who briefly co-hosted Update alongside Seth Meyers before he departed for his new "Late Night" digs, she prefers to avoid the hall all together.

"I would walk out the door, if I got stuck in that hallway — 'I'm done, that's it! I'll never be this,'" she said.

But while Strong doesn't have as much experience behind the fake news desk as past greats — including Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, Dennis Miller, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler — she has bit more experience than Jost. So surely, she can help teach him all the responsibilities that come with the job.

"No, that would scare Colin," she said. "And I guess I don't know what that is. I'm still learning."

So they'll have to learn the ropes about delivering witty banter together.

"Let's not say 'witty' yet," Strong cautioned. "Let's just banter first."

See the duo in action on "SNL" (with host Jim Parsons and musical guest Beck) March 1 at 11:30 on NBC.