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'SNL' spoofs 'Joker' with gritty Oscar the Grouch parody — watch the funny skit

Sesame Street has become a "haven of crime and corruption."
/ Source: TODAY

Fans have been expecting "Saturday Night Live" to address "Joker," the mega-popular — and controversial — new supervillain origin story. Last night, the topical sketch comedy show did just that, though perhaps not in the way fans were expecting.

Instead of poking fun at the blockbuster's premise or the blowback against the film, "SNL" decided to pose a different question: What if there was a dark origin story about Oscar the Grouch?

In the mock trailer for "The Grouch," David Harbour (of "Stranger Things" fame) stares longingly into a trash can while his co-worker makes fun of him. "I don't know," he says slowly. "I kind of like (the smell)."

"SNL" jokingly bills the film as the "next gritty antihero origin story," though the fake reviews question the need for such a film. Oscar is so grouchy, as he tells his therapist, because Sesame Street has become a "haven of crime and corruption."

It does seem to be the case, what with beloved duo Bert and Ernie involved in a street stabbing, fluffy Cookie Monster begging for cookies on the street, sweet Elmo getting unjustly arrested, and the Count using his numerical skills to count pills.

"When everyone calls you trash and everyone treats you like trash, why don't you just become trash?" Oscar implores as an eerie rendition of the "Sesame Street" theme song plays.

We'll be honest: we kind of want this movie to be made now.