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Few things are worse than canceling cable. This 'SNL' sketch hilariously nails that call

Canceling your cable is apparently even harder than moving.
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever tried canceling your cable service, you'll be in tears watching this sketch from "Saturday Night Live."

In the funny clip, Saturday night's host, "Succession" star Kieran Culkin, portrays a man named Brad moving out of his New York City apartment who simply wants to cancel his Spectrum cable service. But it's apparent from his first interaction with a creepy customer service representative named Mattais, played by "SNL" cast member Mikey Day, that this isn't going to be easy.

When Brad explains he wants to cancel his cable, phone agent Mattais offers to add a phone landline to his package.

"No, I'm good. I just need to cancel the cable," Brad says. "I tried to do it online, but they said I had to call."

After prying into the reason for the breakup between Brad and his girlfriend that's the reason for Brad's move, Mattais provides an incomprehensible telephone reference number, even though Brad doesn't have a pen, and then transfers him to a cancellation agent.

"Your call is important to us and will be answered in the order that we feel like," says the prerecorded agent's voice on the hold line.

"Hi, this is Tanya," says the next agent, played by Aidy Bryant. "Can you tell me the 42-digit customer pin number that came on your first bill?"

When Brad doesn't have that, she asks him to answer one of his security questions.

"What city did your mom lose her virginity in?" Tanya asks.

"That's disgusting I don't want to talk about that," says Brad.

"And that is what you answered!" says Tanya. "When is a good time for a Spectrum technician to come install your new landline?"

Brad's likelihood of getting "triggered" increases as he's transferred from one inept agent to another, including one played by Ego Nwodim who is confirming that Brad is "looking to pay more money for less channels," Heidi Gardner having an emotional breakdown and a groovy agent, played by Kyle Mooney, whose computer is down.

One of the funniest moments is when Brad is transferred to a Domino's pizza guy, played by Andrew Dismukes. Finally, Brad gets connected back with his original agent, Mattais.

"Dude, I am about to lose it!" Brad says. "I am triggered! So the next person you transfer me to better have the power to cancel my cable."

Brad is then transferred to the floating head of Spectrum, played by Bowen Yang.

"I am Spectrum, the source, the nexus, the provider!" he says, as Culkin puts his hand over his face and starts laughing, nearly breaking character.

"Can you cancel my cable?" asks Brad.

"There is nothing I cannot do," answers Spectrum.

Finally, Spectrum complies with Brad's wishes, canceling his cable, and tells him to enjoy his new landline.

"I'm not getting a landline!" Brad shouts. But next, viewers see Kenan Thompson, who plays the cable guy, in Brad's apartment, ready to install it.