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'SNL' lights up with a Miley Cyrus drug parody

Well, now we know what comedians think Miley Cyrus is now that she's all grown up: A stoner!

Of course, the 19-year-old former child actress kind of helped with that characterization with her comments last week at her birthday party. (Remember: "You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake"?)

And on Saturday, it was "Saturday Night Live's" chance to take a ... okay, we'll say it ... pot shot at the singer. In fact, the show took several hits at the singer (Vanessa Bayer), giving her a faux talk show ("The Miley Cyrus Show") with dad Billy Ray (Jason Sudeikis) leading up the sidekick/backup band and having her munch on Doritos during the monologue. Her guests? Jeff (Steve Buscemi), "some guy I met at Burning Man" and Whitney Houston (Maya Rudolph) -- who her dear old dad hoped could offer warnings about the effects of drug use.

As Miley giggled away, Houston showed off her tics and vocal talents, then said the young lady had to stay "off of that crack rock." Billy Ray then revealed Miley's drug of choice, which stunned Houston.

"What, that's it?" said Houston, shocked. "Weed's not a drug! ... I put weed in my cereal this morning! I smoke weed just to go to Target!"

Be sure to check out the clip! 

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