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'SNL' draws criticism with sketch showing Dakota Johnson leaving home for ISIS

A "SNL" sketch featuring Dakota Johnson eaving home to join ISIS has people wondering whether the sketch went too far in the name of comedy.
/ Source: TODAY

A "Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring host Dakota Johnson as a teenager leaving home to join ISIS has people on social media wondering whether the sketch went too far in the name of comedy.

Parodying a Toyota ad where a young woman's father drops her off at the airport to presumably join the military, the "SNL" sketch shows Johnson's father in the sketch (Taran Killam) telling ISIS, "Take care of her," to which Kyle Mooney's character replies, "Death to America."

It's also not the first time this season that "SNL" has taken on ISIS. During an episode hosted by Chris Rock in November, one sketch featured ISIS appearing on an episode of "Shark Tank. And in the same episode hosted by Johnson, ISIS was brought up during a digital short, where Aidy Bryant's character tells fellow party-goers that she doesn't care about ISIS and Boko Haram.

But as the Johnson sketch aired on Saturday night, many Twitter users have expressed that the skit was in poor taste, and insensitive to the very real concerns of parents whose children have been lured, kidnapped or killed by the terrorist group.

Others, meanwhile, came to the sketch's defense.

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