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Sneak peek: 'The Walking Dead' season finale

"The Walking Dead’s” far-too-short six-episode season comes to an end Sunday, Dec. 5, and after the latest rounds of messy corpse duty and zombie-slaying, the stressed out survivors of the undead-apocalypse still have a lot of unfinished business to attend to.

Of course, the band of the living won’t get to all of the unresolved action — they have to save something for the sophomore season — but writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman recently dropped a hint about what fans can expect on finale night.

“Well, if you’ve been watching the show, you’ll know there’s a lot going on between Rick and Shane and Lori,” Kirkman teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I think if you’re interested to see how that love triangle is going to progress, you might want to make sure you tune in for the last episode of this season. So that’s good. And then I think someone takes a shower.”

For zombie enthusiasts looking for less romance and more revelations, here’s a sneak peek:

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