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Sneak peek: Bill won't back down on 'True Blood'

Bill is back, but he won't back down on "True Blood."

Get ready, Truebies! It's almost time for another summer of good guys vs. bad guys in Bon Temps. Of course, after all the shakeups on "True Blood" last season, it's getting harder to tell the good guys and the bad guys apart.

One good guess for Team Bad? Bill -- or is it Billith, now that he's consumed the essence of proto-vampire Lilith? Either way, it seems he's all set to be the big troublemaker in season six.

But a new sneak peek of the action to come proves that even though Bill's evolved into a new, powerful … well, something-or-other, some things never change -- like his obsession with Sookie Stackhouse.

"Don't come in here and you say you love me and you want me," Sookie tells Bill from across a threshold. "I'm not yours or anybody's."

His or not, Bill doesn't seem to care, and he doesn't require an invitation anymore.

"I play by a different set of rules now," he warns as he enters the home.

The only one who seems to understand the implications of it all is Bill's nemesis-turned-ally-turned-nemesis-again, Eric.

"The world is changing," Eric notes. "We have to change with it."

See what changes are in store when "True Blood" returns June 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.