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Smokey Robinson feels sorry for Jackson's doctor

Musician has compassion for the way Michael Jackson's fame may have impaired Conrad Murray's decision making, but adds he believes the doctor is responsible for the star's death.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Smokey Robinson admitted he has compassion for Dr. Conrad Murray, who is on trial in the death of Michael Jackson.

When Access Hollywood guest correspondent Tim Vincent, backstage at  “Michael Forever,” the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales, over the weekend, asked Smokey for his take on the trial, currently going on in Los Angeles, the singer and friend of the late superstar called the whole ordeal a “tragedy.”

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“Well, I just think it’s tragic. I think it’s a tragedy. I feel sorry, in a way, for the doctor,” Smokey told Tim. “He was just so happy to be around Michael Jackson, and to do whatever Michael said whenever Michael said it. It’s tragic.”

Smokey said he continues to miss his friend, Michael, very much.

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“Michael was my little brother. I knew him since he was 10 years old,” the music legend said. “I’ve been watching talent and watching people perform and dance since I was probably two years old. I have tapes of old performers and people like that. The overall picture: He was the best I ever saw.”

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“As a singer, as a dancer, as a superstar?” Tim asked.

“The overall package: Singing, dancing — what he did, he was the best. You know, you can look at the young kids now, and all of them have patterned their shows after Michael. So you can see what an impact he had on the music world,” he said.

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UPDATE: Smokey Robinson issued the following statement to Access Hollywood on Tuesday:

“I would like to clarify statements I made regarding Dr. Murray at the Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert this past weekend. I knew Michael Jackson since he was 10 years old and loved him like a little brother. His untimely death was one of the most tragic events in my life. Let me be clear, I believe Dr. Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson’s death through his absolute negligence.”

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