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‘Slumdog’ star writes memoir — at 9

She may be only 9, but “Slumdog Milionaire” star Rubina Ali is ready to tell her life story in a book called “Slumdog Dreaming,” due out on July 16.
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She may be only 9, but Slumdog Milionaire star Rubina Ali is ready to tell her life story.

Having played the young Latika in director Danny Boyle's Oscar winning movie, Ali has met Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman and been involved in controversies seemingly since the film rocketed her and its other youngsters into notoriety.

July 16 will find her book, Slumdog Dreaming, simulatenously released in the U.S. and U.K. Publisher Transworld, says, besides recounting Oscar night, Ali will tell her story of "playing marbles with her friends beside the sewers of Garib Nagar in Mumbai, to dancing along to the Bollywood films she and her family watch on their old television set.

"Rubina brings alive a world of wastelands and rat-infested shanty dwellings, and shows us her home, a wooden shack with a tarpaulin roof, where she grew up with her beloved father and siblings," says the statement.