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Slayer regroups and returns to the road

‘Everybody has grown up’ says guitarist Kerry King about the band. He describes an average day as ‘soundcheck, sleep until 3, play and stay up all night watching movies.’
/ Source: The Associated Press

Hide your daughters. Slayer is coming to a town near you.

OK, it really isn’t that bad. But when the band hits the road with the Unholy Alliance Tour on June 6, 2006 (get it, 06-06-06?) mayhem and some serious heavy metal will ensue.

That day should have also seen the release of Slayer’s new, as-yet-untitled album — the first with the original lineup since 1990 — but it was pushed back to July, much to the chagrin of guitarist Kerry King.

AP: Since the new record isn’t done yet, tell me about the new music — what’s the lyrical content?

KK: It’s pretty much Slayer ’06. There’s war songs, religious songs, satanic songs — it’s what you’d expect the next chapter of Slayer’s life to be.

AP: This is the first album you’re doing as the original lineup since 1990. How are things different now?

KK: Everybody has grown up. Whatever childhood issues we had is water under the bridge. I think we’re better because we separated. I think we probably would’ve killed each other. Now it’s like, you go on and be Slayer like we’re supposed to be.

AP: Slayer has had its share of controversy over the years with some people accusing the band of being Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists.

KK: I think that’s another case where people are taking on a position without getting all the facts. When people called us Nazis, we have a Chilean guy singing the lyrics. People make an opinion before they’re completely informed. It’s never a fair fight that way. They think that’s how something is and you can’t argue with irrationality.

AP: What’s life like on the road for you now?

KK: Pretty much the same as it ever was. This is our tour in a nutshell: we soundcheck, sleep until 3, play and stay up all night watching movies.

AP: So it’s really not as exciting as your fans might expect it to be?

KK: Nah. We learned the more things you break the more things you pay for. I like my money a lot more than paying for [stuff] we broke.